Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tidbit Tuesday

Here are a few little tidbits about what's going on around here:

Hollace: has been in Oklahoma for a week now. She is having a ball. Everytime we talk to her, we ask "Do you miss us?" and everytime she responds exactly the same: "Yes, but not enough to come home yet."

*Here is a post card we got from her the other day.

Thad: Poor little guy has had a stomach bug the last couple of days. Brent found him in the dining room like this.

He has not felt good at all. Rhett had the bug last week and so far Brent and I are ok. Let's hope we don't get it on the drive to OK. If you recall we had the stomach bug at our house when we were suppose to be driving to Ok last time too. What are the odds?

Also some big news about Thad: He is FINALLY walking. A couple of weeks ago, he took his first couple of steps and within a couple of days was walking all over the house! I really need to get some video on here. The little wobbly gait is so cute!

Rhett: He has just been busy playing. He is loving Toy Story right now. We finally bought the first two movies and he has been watching them everyday. He is also BEGGING for a bike. I don't know if we can hold out until his birthday in August.

Here's Rhett and I after the triathlon Saturday. He was playing in the dirt the whole time they were there and I don't think he even saw me.
Me: This tri was a little longer than the last one, but still a sprint. The main difference was that it was an open water swim, in Old Hickory Lake. I was a little nervous about this, but I actually really enjoyed it and thought it was easier than the pool swim, even though it was twice the distance.
I got some clip-in shoes last week, so I need to start using them. That should be interesting.


Janice said...

Love the post. Can't wait to see you all. Hollace was at work with me again today.

Samantha said...

Man, you are dedicated!!! You look great, and I love that you are giving your kiddos such a great example. YOU GO GIRL!!