Thursday, August 13, 2015

Birthday Boys

Rhett turned NINE this week. 
He is getting so grown up and we are so proud of him!

We decided we weren't doing big birthday parties this year, but he did get to have a friend come over and play for the day.
I forgot to take of pic of them that day, but here he is with Bryson one day at the ball fields.
 Rhett got to choose where we went to eat that night and he chose Hibachi.  This is a terrible picture, but here he is at the Hibachi grill.
When we got home, he got to open his presents.

 After showers, we ate Rhett's birthday cupcakes that Hollace had made for him.
(She is loving to bake these days.)
Happy 9th Birthday to our sweet Rhett!!!
We LOVE you!!
We didn't forget Brent the next day on his birthday.  We made him a yummy ice cream pie!:)
WE LOVE you too!!!

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Janice said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!!