Wednesday, January 30, 2008


This happened a couple of weeks ago, but I keep thinking about how proud I was and meant to post this sooner. When Hollace started back to pre-school after Christmas, they had a show-and-tell. They were suppose to bring a gift they got for Christmas to show to the class. Hollace chose to take her new Bible (with no influence from me). I was so proud of her! While I know she doesn't nearly understand the significance of the Bible, I pray that she would never lose her excitement for God's word. I pray she would always be proud, and never ashamed, of her God. What more could a mother ask for than children who love the Lord!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

"The Chair"

Some toddlers have a favorite stuffed animal, doll or "blanky" that seems to be attached to them, that they take with them everywhere................ Rhett has "The Chair". It is a little wooden chair that goes with a little craft table we got for Hollace before Rhett was born. (She never climbed on it once, by the way.) He pushes the chair around the house, everywhere, and climbs on it to get into all kinds of things he could never reach without it. He gets very frustrated when he gets to the carpet and it won't push anymore. Sadly, we've recently had to put "The Chair" in timeout in the garage. I'm not sure if it was the day he fell off of it and hit his head for probably the 4th time, or if it was the day I found him sitting ON the oven (yes, ON the oven!), but I had enough of "The Chair".

Ignore the child on the pot in the backgound (I tried to crop her out).

Here are a couple of pics of Hollace, since this blog was basically about Rhett. This is her dressed up for a "Railroad" fieldtrip at school. The last one is us at "Muffins with Mom" at her school last Fri.

Friday, January 4, 2008

CHRISTMAS (memories)

Yes, I realize everyone beat me with their Christmas posts, but I'm not THAT late. It's still January, right. We had a wonderful Christmas, looks like everyone else did as well. There are a lot of pics this time, I did try to limit it a little.

Here they are Christmas morning checking out Santa's empty cookie plate and letter.

The kids were very excited and loved what Santa left them. The middle two pics are of a fun teeter-totter, which is actually an outside toy, but will probably stay inside until it warms up a little.

Here are the kids and a couple of their favorite gifts from Christmas at Nanis and Papa Brown's house as well as the first of many fights over the new toys!

Both the kids got fun ride on toys from Grammy and Papa Hubbard