Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dinner with the President

Ok, maybe not "THE" President, but "A" President......Ok A "Former" President.  And maybe not dinner "WITH" him, exactly....but dinner in the same room as him. Maybe it was a huge room and there were hundreds of people there and he never saw or spoke to us directly, but we don't need to focus on those details do we?

It was the McKinney Education Foundation 20th Anniversary Gala and George W. Bush was the keynote speaker. Brent's hospital was a sponsor so that's why we ended up there. It was actually a really nice event and we enjoyed his speech. Such a different tone than when he would speak as President. A few times I actually felt like I was watching an impersonator of George W on Saturday Night Live. Ha! He was really laid back and pretty funny at times.

You weren't allowed to use any cameras while Bush was present, so you'll just have to take my word for it.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Easter Fun

I almost forgot to post about our Easter fun this year.  The weekend of the egg hunt at our church, 2 of the kids were sick so we couldn't make it, but the boys had little parties/ egg hunts at their pre-school. I signed up to bring a dessert for Rhett's class and made these little cupcakes. 

 The boys' parties were on the same day at the same time, so I was trying to run back and forth to be a part of and get some pictures at each one.
 It was such a nice day for a little egg hunting. That didn't actually gather too many, because he stopped to open and eat the contents of each one along the way.

 Look at this ornery face!

Rhett's class made these little bunny ears to wear for the hunt. 

I finally got the dining room looking more "Springy" in time for Easter.

On Easter Sunday we had two families over for lunch after church. We had quite the spread with ham, and all the fixins.  It was raining outside so after lunch we let the 8 kids hunt eggs inside. The parents had stuffed a dozen eggs for each kid, so we had to find almost 100 hiding places inside the house. We were still finding eggs a few days later. 

Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures. My camera's flash was not functioning and since we were inside all day with the rain, I didn't get any pictures that turned out.  However, the next week when my parents came to visit, my Dad brought me a surprise. His old (but GREAT) camera!! He got a new one, so I got his old one! YEA!!! Thanks Dad!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


We thought the day would never get here. The day that Thad could FINALLY start playing t-ball. Since he first heard the talk about Rhett playing many weeks ago, that was ALL he could talk about. We decided to sign him up to play with the YMCA since he was old enough. Rhett didn't play at this age and never really acted interested, but Thad is a different story. The sign up was weeks before we ever heard from his coach, which was weeks before he started practice. The time between sign up and waiting for his coach to call with the details of his team was almost painful.  Day after day Thad asked me "when do I play t-ball?", "when is my game?", "where is my team?", "where is my coach?", "where is my coach's car?" (really), "what color is my team?", "do I have a t-ball hat?" I could go on and on.

When shopping for Rhett's team belt and socks, etc. Thad decided he needed a "baseball belt". He slept in it and wore it to pre-school many days.

Then he discovered the existence of baseball gloves.  Of course our choices were to buy him some or hear about it hourly for who knows how long. Again, he slept in them and wore them to school.......and we continued to wait for his season to start.
 FINALLY.........his coach called and his season started. Here is the little fanatic at his first practice.

Then his first game 2 weekends ago. 

It didn't take long for him to realize he was not fully equipped without baseball cleats. Don't worry, a trip to the thrift store for a $3 pair and he's happy once again.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Batter UP!!!

T-ball season started in March for Rhett. How handsome is this little Dodger??
He is playing advanced t-ball with the McKinney Baseball Association. They get 3 chances to hit a coach-pitched ball then one chance to hit it off the tee. He has done really well and had hit the coach-pitch balls every time until the last game. He still got it off the tee though. No strike outs so far. Go Rhett!!
Look at that concentration!

Nana and Papa were able to be there for his last game so my Dad was able to take these action pictures.

He seems to like t-ball although he occasionally gets a little "bored" while playing the field. He does a little dirt-kicking, grass-pulling, and cloud-watching between fielding balls.

I already love being a baseball Mom!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Best Sick Day Ever!

Last week was a little rough around here. Hollace and Thad both got sick over the previous weekend and were down pretty much all week. Hollace only got to go to school one day. They were really pretty pitiful.

There was one bright spot in our week. We brought home our new little friend.

Hollace was so excited that she got to go with us to pick her up since she was home from school.

Meet Ginger. She is a labradoodle.

I have been denying the kids' requests for a dog for quite some time. My deal was that when everyone if our house could feed themselves, bathe themselves, and take care of their potty business by themselves, then we would get a dog.
For some reason I very recently started reconsidering. I started to feel like maybe I was cheating my kids out of the childhood experience of having a pet.

So here she is. She is pretty darn cute and a really good puppy so far.

The boys are pretty excited about her too. Thad acts a little jealous at times, but I think he really likes her. He called her "that girl" a few times. He also told someone that she was a Raba-noodle (Labradoodle) Ha!

I'm sure Ginger will make regular appearances on the blog!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter!!

"Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy He has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead....."
I Peter 1:3