Thursday, April 12, 2012

Best Sick Day Ever!

Last week was a little rough around here. Hollace and Thad both got sick over the previous weekend and were down pretty much all week. Hollace only got to go to school one day. They were really pretty pitiful.

There was one bright spot in our week. We brought home our new little friend.

Hollace was so excited that she got to go with us to pick her up since she was home from school.

Meet Ginger. She is a labradoodle.

I have been denying the kids' requests for a dog for quite some time. My deal was that when everyone if our house could feed themselves, bathe themselves, and take care of their potty business by themselves, then we would get a dog.
For some reason I very recently started reconsidering. I started to feel like maybe I was cheating my kids out of the childhood experience of having a pet.

So here she is. She is pretty darn cute and a really good puppy so far.

The boys are pretty excited about her too. Thad acts a little jealous at times, but I think he really likes her. He called her "that girl" a few times. He also told someone that she was a Raba-noodle (Labradoodle) Ha!

I'm sure Ginger will make regular appearances on the blog!

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Janice said...

I like your new Raba-noodle! She's a sweet puppy.