Thursday, March 26, 2009


This is the first season that we have really watched American Idol. I probably haven't seen 5 episodes all together until this season. This year we are pretty in to it. There are some really talented contestants and I keep changing my mind on my faves.
We have all been watching it and Hollace even has her opinions. Last night, she said of Adam, "Wow, he really looks handsome, even though he was gross last week!" She is not too far off in that. She also said she wants Danny to be her "step-dad". I'm not sure exactly what she meant by this, but I am certain she does not really understand what a "step-dad" is. We had a little discussion about that. Anyway, are you watching? Who are you favorites?

**On a side note, I am having a problem with uploading pics from my camera. Hence, the picture- less blog post. Every time I try, it wants to upload ALL 547 pics again, even though most of them are already on the computer. It use to just do the new ones. I haven't changed any settings that I know of and I can't figure out how to stop it from doing this. I don't want to RE-upload ALL of them each time! Ugh! If anyone knows how to fix this, please let me know.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cheap Entertainment

The other day, Brent was cleaning out the vehicle and found some old glasses. I honestly don't even know whose they are. I would guess either my Dad's or Brent's Dad's. Anyway the kids tried them on and then wanted to try them on Thad. I was cracking up. Enjoy.........

I don't care who you are, that's FUNNY!!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Naptime Nonsense

Some of you know that Rhett is a little on the stubborn, hard-headed, side. One thing he has been fighting me on (and that is an understatement) is nap time. I have tried everything! He absolutely refuses! I have sat in a chair at his doorway, so I could order him back down the moment his head came off the pillow. There were days I sat there for over an hour and a half, and he did not sleep. There were days he got so many spankings during nap time, I was sure DHS was going to show up on my doorstep. I tried the child proof door-knobs on his door and you saw here how well that worked. I finally came to the conclusion, that you CANNOT make a child sleep. You can make them stay in their room, even in their bed, but you CANNOT make them sleep. At first I thought he just didn't need naps anymore, but this was dis-proven by his crankiness in the evenings and the fact that he falls asleep in the car almost every day. He needs naps, he just doesn't WANT to take them, maybe for the simple fact that I WANT him too. While it is not in my nature to give up or to let him win (I may be just a tad hard-headed myself), I decided, it wasn't worth it. I wasn't really winning anyway, because I just ended up exhausted and frustrated and wasted half my afternoons trying to get him to sleep. SO, I gave up. There is no nap time at our house.

How is this going you ask?

Well many days this is what I find..................................

Rhett sleeping on the den floor

or on the living room floor

Or even on the kitchen floor

What makes him decide to take a nap? Well, he's exhausted......and I quit trying to make him.

While we're on the napping theme, here is little Thad napping. Yes, I am aware of SIDS. He only sleeps on his tummy for short naps when I am watching.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Two MORE Little Milestones

We had a couple more milestones this week at the Hubbard house. On Tuesday, Thad was six weeks old. Here a few pics of my little man. I didn't realize he was looking quite so chubby until I saw these. I weighed him, finally, on Tuesday at Rhett's ENT appointment. Since we don't have scales, he hadn't been weighed since he was 6 days old. He is a whopping 11lbs, 12oz.

The other big news started here last week. See the pic, I know you can tell that Hollace's tooth is loose. She insisted we take a picture of it.

So tuesday Hollace lost her first tooth!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Few of My New Favorite Things

I just wanted to share a few of the new things I've discovered that I wouldn't want to live without. Some of them are not really new, but I have just discovered their brilliance and value. You may want to try out some of them, if you haven't.

1. The Sling- this thing is great, and the only way I get anything done some days.

How comfy does he look?

2. The Swaddler- This is great for sleeping newborns. No more swaddling with blankets that are just kicked loose in a matter of minutes.

Don't be fooled by the sour-face. He really does love it. He was just ready for a bed-time snack.

3. The GPS/Navigation System- Brent got one of these for Christmas from both of our parents. I am so glad he did, because now I have one too. I cannot tell you how much time and gas this thing has saved me.

4. The Automatic Programmable Coffee Pot- I realize this is not new technology, but I've never had one and really thought it was unnecessary. However, my new pot has it and I love waking up to the aroma of brewing coffee. And it's not like preparing coffee is a time consuming task, but it is one less thing to do in the morning.

Do you have any new favorite things?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


We lost a dear friend this week. Betty Kelting was Bev's mother. Bev, most of you know, is a LONG time dear friend of Brent's family. She really is just like part of his family, so her mother was part of the family too. She often celebrated Thanksgiving, Christmas, and birthday parties with us. She was such a sweet, kind, Christian woman who will be missed by many. Her funeral service will be tomorrow. We wish we could be there, but our thoughts and prayers will be there with Bev.
This pic is blurry, but here is Betty with Rhett.

This was Thanksgiving a couple of years ago. Yes, we are all wearing hats. Somehow, Hollace talked us into all trying on Terri's hat collection. Betty is in the back on the left.

We will miss you Betty!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Brotherly Love

Rhett just LOVES his baby brother. He really hasn't acted jealous toward him at all. He just wants to love him, and hug and kiss him. It is pretty sweet.

Okay, so maybe the love is a little one-sided right now.

Thad may be a little oblivious to his big brother just yet, but I know he will LOVE him too someday soon!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Two Little Milestones

This weekend was pretty uneventful at the Hubbard household. Friday Brent and I did get to go out alone for the first time since Thad was born, actually since we've been in Nashville. And we weren't actually alone. We did have a sleeping baby in a carrier sitting on the chair beside us. Okay, so maybe this doesn't qualify as a "milestone", but it my the closest we come for awhile. At my MOPS (Mother's of Preschoolers) meeting this week, I won a free "Parent's Night Out". A local church has this one Friday a month. It is basically just babysitting at the church, but this is GREAT for people like us who don't have family around. Hollace and Rhett had a good time, but we didn't leave Thad yet. He doesn't get very far from me for very long. He was a good boy though, and slept most of the time. We went to Fulin's, an Asian restaurant, kind of like PF Changs. This is a good place to go without the kids, as they don't have a very kid-friendly menu. Then we went and walked around at this area in town that has a lot of shops. It is an outside area with a courtyard, and has a lot of "mall-type" shops, that stay open until late, unlike Main street type shopping. It also has a Marble Slab Creamery, which we enjoyed. Here is a picture that Hollace took. She is really into taking pictures lately.

The other event of the weekend was Thad having his ONE month birthday. Here's the Birthday Boy. I know it seems I've posted a lot of naked/bath pictures, but what is sweeter than a naked baby??

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!