Friday, March 13, 2009

Two MORE Little Milestones

We had a couple more milestones this week at the Hubbard house. On Tuesday, Thad was six weeks old. Here a few pics of my little man. I didn't realize he was looking quite so chubby until I saw these. I weighed him, finally, on Tuesday at Rhett's ENT appointment. Since we don't have scales, he hadn't been weighed since he was 6 days old. He is a whopping 11lbs, 12oz.

The other big news started here last week. See the pic, I know you can tell that Hollace's tooth is loose. She insisted we take a picture of it.

So tuesday Hollace lost her first tooth!


Leslie said...

That first tooth is really somthing to lose. I know Payton really made out on that one, like $10 or something.

Love the pics!

The Garvie Family said...

I can't believe he is almost 12 pounds. I think a pound of it might be hair!!

Janice said...

Cute pics! Cute babies!