Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

We had a GREAT Halloween. This was actually the first time any of my kids have been Trick-or-Treating! Can you believe that? In Woodward, we always went to Kid Fest. Usually Brent or I or both were helping with it at some point. We didn't have many neighbors and most of the people who we would have gone to trick-or-treat to, were at the Kid Fest at our church. SO we just never have. But it was a LOT of fun! Our neighborhood is great and has lots of kids, so it was a great place to be. We didn't even have to get in the car, which was nice! One of our neighbors even cooked out hot dogs in the front for everyone!
Well, here they are: my little zoo keeper, dragon, and fire fighter

How cute are they?
and have you ever seen a cuter dragon??

Some of the kids' friends
More of the dragon. He was really, so cute!
Lots of our neighbors really got into the Halloween spirit. There were lots of decorations. (This is not our house. I've never really done the Halloween decorating.)
Thad was a real trooper and lasted as long as the other two did. They were ready to go in once their buckets were full. It was getting a little chilly.

Rhett was too cute, when he would go to a door and get candy, he would say, " Thank-you, Happy Treat." SO.... Happy Treat!-and Happy extra hour of sleep tonight! YEA!!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

9 Months

(ignore the WILD hair!)
Thad turned 9 months old Wednesday. So, what has he been up to? Remember how I was so afraid he was going to start crawling while I was gone- almost a month ago? Well, he's still just rolling all over the place-NO crawling!, But by all over the place, I mean ALL over the place. He can maneuver into any little place he wants. It's really impressive the way he gets around without crawling. He is still doing his little headstand move too. I need to get a video of it and get it on here.
He loves to eat and tries to get a bite of whatever is in reach. He really only gets cheerios and little tiny bits of our food every now and then. Still mostly baby food. Here he is with his first Biter Biscuit:
He is babbling a lot, dadadada, etc. and laughs a lot too. Of course everything goes into his mouth. He especially loves paper. I'm sure he's eaten a ream of paper by now. He weighs about 20 lbs., but we haven't had his 9 mo. checkup yet so I'm not sure of his exact height and weight.

He loves his brother and sister, and is usually pretty tough and puts up with a lot from Rhett. When they are in the car, they like to reach across and hold hands. It is too sweet.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Disney: Part 2

Here was our first glimpse of Magic Kingdom as we got there the first morning

The traditional picture in front of Cinderella's castle.

Brent and Rhett on one of the rides
Rhett driving a race car. I was in the car with Hollace so I didn't get a pic of her, but she said, "This is hard, I could do so much better if these bars weren't in my way" (refering to the tracks running between the tires of the cars to keep them on the track!)

A Small World, one of our favorites. It is so cool and pictures do not do it justice.

We had lunch at Crytal Palace and got to meet more characters.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Disney: Part 1

Our first day we had breakfast at Chef Mickey's. The only time available when I called (3 months ago) was 6:45am!!! We had to get up so early to get around and get to the restaurant, but it was worth it. The character meals are a GREAT way to meet lots of characters without having to spend lots of time waiting in line at the parks.

This is when we first arrived. Look at Rhett's face as he first saw some of the characters!

With Goofy:

Hollace getting Minnie's autograph and giving her pictures she had drawn for her.

More autographs:
and Mickey, of course:
Here we are with Donald. He was always one of my favorites. Look at Hollace's face.

Well, this was the first 2 hours of our 5 day trip. Needless to say there's much more to come!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Hollace

My girl is 6 today!! I feel like we've been celebrating for a week already. At Disney World, they make a big deal out of birthdays. If it's your birthday (or even close to it) they somehow know at all the restaurants and they bring you a cupcake and sometimes sing to you. I can only imagine how many cupcakes the girl ate over the course of a week. Ucckk! She ate at least some of ALL of them, and they came AFTER we had dessert!-every time we ate at a restaurant!

Tonight she gets to have a friend stay the night and she gets to pick where we have dinner. She chose, what else, but McDonalds. I asked her why she wanted McD's and she said "their cheeseburgers....MMmmmm!" Whatever! We will have her party on Saturday so by then we will have basically been celebrating her b-day for 10 days!
Here she is at one restaurant where they made her stand up while we all sang to her.

Here she is enjoying yet another cupcake.

And here are some of my favorites that we took with Shannon ( I just LOVE them.

Happy Birthday sweet Hollace. I am so lucky to have you as my daughter. You are so sweet, smart, independent and funny. I look forward to so many more wonderful years as your mom!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Well we are all home. Brent and Rhett drove home from Orlando and got home late Friday night. Hollace and I flew from Orlando to Tulsa to get Thad and see my new niece Margot. We stayed until Monday and flew back to Nashville last night. If you've never flown with a 5 year old and an 8 month old by yourself, it is quite an experience. I can't imagine how I would have done it if Rhett had been with us.

Disney World was GREAT, but I think we were all ready to be home. It's fall break here so Hollace and Rhett have been playing with their neighborhood friends ALL day. Thad and I are up to our "ears" in laundry. I think he missed me. He hasn't wanted me to leave his side, so he's been my helper all day.

With all the pictures I've taken over the last week and a half, I'm sure I could post every day for a month and not run out of things to post about. I didn't say I WOULD do that. I just said I could. I will try to get some posts done and not drag our vacation out for the next 3 months, but I'm not making any promises.....