Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tidbit Tuesday

Here's a few tidbits about what our bunch has been up to lately.

Hollace: Sunday on the way to church she said the funniest thing. Brent, Hollace, and I were having a conversation about something. I don't remember what. Rhett interjected some comment that had nothing to do with what we were talking about, probably cars or trucks or something. Hollace quickly said, "Rhett, we are not even talking about cars right now. You need to speak with good purpose." Ha! I think her teacher must say that at school.

Rhett: He said the CUTEST thing to me while we were unloading groceries the other day. He loves to help unload and was SOOO excited when he came across some cans of Chef Boyaredee in the sacks. He said "Oh mom, thank you for getting these. I am so happy about you, I could eat you up!" I could have eaten him up!

He has also asked some good questions in the last couple of days. Yesterday he asked me, "Why do you think God wants us to have sticks in our mulch?" hmmmm..... I was sort of at a loss on this one. This morning, while I was "wiping his bottom" he very seriously asked, "What is that, that I smell? It really stinks." hmmmm.....I wonder. I did have an answer for this one. Thad: He has just been up to his usual. In the past 24 hours he I have found him:

1. scooping water out of the toilet with a cup from the dishwasher and yes..........drinking it.
2.carrying around an open bottle of salad dressing (the olive oil and vinegar kind that makes nice greasy spots on everything) leaving little puddles all over the floor and other things.
and 3. last, but not the least dangerous to his health: licking his fingers, which I discovered after some investigation, had been into the plate of raw chicken on the counter.

(I really do supervise him (usually). I think all these things happened while I was trying to cook or get some meal ready.....or blogging......I better go see what he's doing.)

Friday, September 24, 2010

And Now Presenting..........

Hollace and Rhett recently presented a production of "Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesss". It was more like 1 Dancing Princess and a Prince dressed as Peter Pan, but anyway, it was rather entertaining.

Hollace made little tickets for Brent, Thad, and I that said " Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princuss- a play of it".

Here was scene 1: I really don't remember what was happening here.

The captivated audiance:

The leading lady:

The Prince:

(whose costume included the Peter Pan costume he wore 2 years ago with a Super man belt and makeup)

It was really funny to watch Rhett during the production. He looked extremely bored, but cooperated pretty well with Hollace's instructions.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Friday, September 17, 2010

Progress Report

Wow, I think this is the longest I've gone in a LONG time without blogging. I thought I would give a little update about the bedtime struggle we've been having.

As for the suggestion about the tent thing that goes over the crib, I had already thought about that and checked into it. Many of the reviewers said that their child was able to figure out how to unzip the tent and get out. I decided if unzipping it could be done, Thad would figure it out. We ended up moving the gate from the stairway to his doorway. We didn't do this at first because his door won't shut with it there. But we were out of other ideas. Of course this won't keep him in his crib, but at least he can't get out of his room. We figured if he got up and

couldn't go anywhere he might get bored and go back to bed. For this to work, he had to be able to get back into his bed. So, we took the front rail off the crib. We had one of those little short side rails that convert the crib into a toddler bed, so we got that out. We've had it since before Hollace was born, but never used it. It was actually a little sad to do this. This is the first time in almost 7 years that this crib hasn't been used as a "crib" for a "baby".

Anyway, this helped a little. Brent and I take turns on "doorway" duty, sitting on a chair outside Thad's door after we put him to bed. As long as we are sitting there he doesn't get up nearly as often. Now maybe 3 or 4 times, which is much better than 37!!! We usually have to sit there until he is nearly asleep. Then he gets up once or twice during the night and is up for good by about 6. SO, still not great, but better than it was.

I just keep thinking, it's a good thing he's cute!

Hollace got her first Progress Report last week, and it was very good. Her teacher wrote, "Hollace is a great 1st grader. I am proud of her exemplary behavior. She is a good friend and an asset to our classroom." We are very proud of her. She has a spelling test every Friday and has made 106 on every one so far. She was upset the second week and I couldn't figure out why. I discovered it was because she had wanted to do better than she had the first week, but 106 is the highest she could get! Her teacher also wrote that she has "Great handwriting". Here is one of her tests.

I don't want to leave Rhett out of this little "Progress Report". He is doing much better staying in bed, and just getting a little easier in general. I know it probably has some to do with how high maintenance Thad is, but Rhett is slowly progressing AWAY from the "difficult child" title!.............Ok, talk about timing. Thad JUST very proudly brought me a toilet bowl cleaning brush after dripping a trail of toilet water clear through the house...................Oh my! Like I said, he sure is CUTE isn't he!?!