Monday, January 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Thad!!!

How is our BABY FOUR YEARS OLD?????

This was Thursday before his birthday when he got to take a treat to pre-school for his class. He picked out these colorful cupcakes because I knew the treat had to be store-bought and not homemade.  Well when we walked in, the director saw us and informed us we couldn't bring those because they don't allow cupcakes because they have too much icing. It can only be cookies. Can you say STICK-IN-THE-MUD??? I mean I'm a fan of healthy eating, but give me a break. A little icing now and then isn't going to hurt them! Can you believe she told this sweet face that he couldn't share his birthday cupcakes!?!  Give me a break, lady!!!

He has been telling me for months that he wanted to have a party at Chuck E Cheese. We decided to invite just three friends over for pizza, cake, and presents then a little trip to Chuck E Cheese for games.

He kept going back and forth between super heroes that he wanted for his cake. The day we went to the store to order one, he saw this baseball cake and his mind was made up!

(Some of these pictures are not great because the battery on my camera kept dying. I had to turn it on and snap a picture fast before it died. Then had to let it rest a minute and repeat.)
 I asked if he wanted it to say Happy Birthday Thad, but he didn't because that wouldn't look like a real baseball field.

Here are a few from Chuck E Cheese's. 
(My iphone has been taking terrible pics lately too, so you'll just have to excuse all the bad photography in this post.)


 Happy birthday Thad!!! We LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Christmas in Oklahoma

I'm getting this last Christmas post up before January is over, and I'm ok with that!

We planned to leave for Oklahoma on Christmas day, but delayed our departure until the next day because of the icy roads.  
We celebrated Christmas at the Hubbard's that evening in Mooreland. Once again I look back and hadn't taken as many pictures as I thought I had.

Of course there were TONS of presents to open......

 and wrapping paper to play in.
 Thad and Gunnar started wrestling and would have done it all evening if we didn't finally break them up. They were getting pretty rough!

 That Friday evening Sydnie, Jeremy, and the girls made it to town so we celebrated at Nana and Papa Brown's.

Lots more presents...........

Silly Margot in her Lalaloopsy costume we got her.
 Thad as Jake from the Neverland Pirates.....

Saturday afternoon Grammy Terri had the idea for us all to go to the local skating rink.
Thankfully we all made it through with no injuries.

 Almost everyone joined in the fun. 
This is Brent and Thad, Juana, Hollace, Grammy, Papa, Gunnar, and Bev.

 The Limbo!
 Love this picture of the two little Limbo spectators.

 I guess I didn't get a good picture of Grammy Terri in action, but she was tearing up the rink!! We were all pretty impressed and decided she must be secretly going skating every Saturday:)

Ok, I think I'm officially caught up with 2012. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Our Little SHY Guy?

The same day as The Polar Express at Rhett's school, Thad had his Christmas Program at his preschool.  
He had been talking about his "program" for a while. He talked about it, telling me where he practiced, what teachers were helping, etc. I couldn't get him to sing any of the songs for me, but he did tell me that he was "not going to sing the Spanish song, because it's ugly!"

I was really a little nervous about his program. I thought it was a real possibility that he might sit down and cover his face or hide or just refuse to stand on the stage. He acts so shy in public and around strangers. Anytime a stranger talks to him, he immediately hides behind me and won't even look at them. You would never guess that he's really quite loud, verbal, and really anything but shy at home.

I barely caught this picture, but I did not have high hopes when they came in the back of the auditorium, and he walked down the aisle like this, and wouldn't take his eyes off the floor.

He did such a good job and was so cute standing up there.  He actually stood there like he was suppose to the whole time and sang some of the words.

When he would look out and see us he would smile and look down and look so embarrassed.

Oh and when the Spanish song, "Feliz Navidad", he actually sang that too. Even though he tells me it's "Feliz Naughty-da".

We were really proud of him and I think he was proud of himself too. He was really proud of his tie "like Daddies".

Sunday, January 6, 2013

All Aboard!!!

At the kids' school they have a tradition of putting on the "Polar Express" before Christmas each year for the kindergarteners. It is totally put on by the parents (not the school) and they've been doing it for about 7 or 8 years.  It is a pretty big deal and they put so much work into it each year. We got to use some of the decorations from previous years so that helps. It is a surprise for the kids. They are told to meet in the cafeteria on the special day and wear their jammies. They don't know what's going to happen. When it's time for school to start, one of the teachers reads the Polar Express book to them. Then they are lined up in "trains" and a surprise guest comes in.
There use to be a male teacher who played to train conductor each year, but he's not at the school anymore so they needed a volunteer to wear a suit and come be the conductor for a short time that morning. I thought Brent would be perfect. He's already in a suit every morning, and I thought Rhett would think it was pretty cool for his Dad to be the conductor. (I did check with Brent before I committed him.)

This is when he first came in and announced "All Aboard!!"

Here are the students lined up in their trains with their tickets, ready to go.

The  conductor led them down the hallway to the kindergarten area.

Then he punched their tickets as they entered the room.

That's Thad in the corner. He got to come with me until his school started.

Then the classes took turns going to see Santa.

The rest of the day they played games, did some crafts, then watched the Polar Express movie.
Rhett had a really great time and I think he thought it was pretty neat that his Dad was there.