Sunday, January 27, 2013

Christmas in Oklahoma

I'm getting this last Christmas post up before January is over, and I'm ok with that!

We planned to leave for Oklahoma on Christmas day, but delayed our departure until the next day because of the icy roads.  
We celebrated Christmas at the Hubbard's that evening in Mooreland. Once again I look back and hadn't taken as many pictures as I thought I had.

Of course there were TONS of presents to open......

 and wrapping paper to play in.
 Thad and Gunnar started wrestling and would have done it all evening if we didn't finally break them up. They were getting pretty rough!

 That Friday evening Sydnie, Jeremy, and the girls made it to town so we celebrated at Nana and Papa Brown's.

Lots more presents...........

Silly Margot in her Lalaloopsy costume we got her.
 Thad as Jake from the Neverland Pirates.....

Saturday afternoon Grammy Terri had the idea for us all to go to the local skating rink.
Thankfully we all made it through with no injuries.

 Almost everyone joined in the fun. 
This is Brent and Thad, Juana, Hollace, Grammy, Papa, Gunnar, and Bev.

 The Limbo!
 Love this picture of the two little Limbo spectators.

 I guess I didn't get a good picture of Grammy Terri in action, but she was tearing up the rink!! We were all pretty impressed and decided she must be secretly going skating every Saturday:)

Ok, I think I'm officially caught up with 2012. 

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