Saturday, February 28, 2015

January Catch-Up

I'm a little behind and missed a couple of important things in January. The main thing I would normally have posted at the beginning of January is Christmas. However, the card I used to take all of our Christmas pictures was somehow corrupted and I sort of last all of them!:(  Sort of, because I purchased some recovery software which recovered the images, but not in a large enough format to do anything with them...if that makes any sense. Now I have to send of the card for them to do an "In-house recovery", which will cost more money!:( It seems like a lot!, but how do you put a price on a whole year's Christmas memories? It would make me so sad to not have any pictures at all!:(   
So...hopefully they will be able to recover them completely and I'll be able to post them eventually.

Here are a few random things from January.

We decided to just hang out with the kids on New Year's Eve. We went out to an early dinner, them came home and watched the ball drop in our jammies.

 Here's a pic from the OU Bowl game that we watched at some friends' house. 
I'm not really sure why Rhett is tied to that chair....???
 Here is Thad dressed up as a 100 year old man for his 100th day of school. He has a pretend cane in his hand...can't you tell?  and notice his shoes....The kids all said he should wear those because they look like Papa's. I guess Papa is the closest to a 100 year old that they know!;)....even though he IS DECADES away from that!;)
 ...and we had some friends over to watch the Super Bowl, the girls didn't let us down and provided a little half time entertainment of their own!

There are also a couple of posts from January that I added after January was over, so click below to check those out!

Our trip to Branson in December:

and January Cotillion:

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snow Day 2015

School got out early on Monday and was out on Tuesday. It wasn't really enough snow to have school cancelled in my opinion, but it was enough to have a fun day sledding, so it was fine with me!
We went to the same hill with some friends like we did last year when we had some good snow. It wasn't as much snow as last year, but it was still a good time!

 When we got home the kids went to play in the backyard for a bit, and Ginger got out. She hadn't been able to run around for awhile because we usually take her out on a leash when it's wet out, so she doesn't get muddy. She was a little excited to be free and was sprinting laps around the yard in the snow. It snapped a few pictures and they are a little blurry, but the kids thought these were hilarious.

 and lastly Thad kept asking me to take a picture beside the "snowman he made". I guess he's referring the little roundish bush with snow on top of it?  Anyway, here is Thad and his "snowman".

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Birthday Celebrations

Thad started off his birthday by taking donuts to his class.
 Then he got a special lunch of his choice and Mom and Dad came to eat lunch with him at school.

During lunch time one of the teachers asked from the stage "Does anyone have a birthday today?":)
Thad got to go up and have the whole Kindergarten sing "Happy Birthday" to him!
He thought this was all pretty cool!

 That night he got to choose where we went out to eat. He chose Texas Roadhouse. Because they have his favorite...Macaroni and know the kind out of the box.

 Then we went home, did baths and he got to open his presents from family.

 I'd say it was a pretty good day!!

The following Saturday. We had his party at Chuck E Cheese.
The birthday boy, enjoying some games...

 He chose an "OKC Thunder" cake.
 Thad with his friends...minus a few that were afraid of the giant mouse.

 ...and he got a turn in the Famous Ticket Machine!
 He was pretty excited about this and even caught a ticket worth 1000 tickets!

It was a great birthday and a successful party, but I do not feel guilty in saying that I am pretty excited  this will be our last Chuck E Cheese party!! I think this brings the count to 4 (between the 2 boys)....and THAT is plenty!