Friday, November 30, 2012

Brag Session

I have a little bragging to do. Because my readers are pretty much our grandparents I figure I can get away with it.

Hollace recently got elected to be the Class Representative for her class.  She had to make posters and write a little speech. It was pretty cute listening to her reasons why they should vote for her. The focus of her "campaign" seemed to be ending bullying at the school.  I wish I would have taken a picture of her with her posters, but.....I didn't.

I am really proud of Rhett and how he has done at school so far this year. I knew he was pretty smart, but I just wasn't sure how much he would enjoy school and be motivated to do homework, etc. He is actually really excited about school most days and usually does his homework or reads his book without any complaining and many days without even being reminded. A couple weeks ago he had to disguise "Tom the Turkey" so the hunters didn't get him for Thanksgiving dinner. We decided to disguise Tom as a beach bum.

Earlier this month I was surprised to find a note in Rhett's folder announcing that he had qualified for the school Spelling Bee.  Honestly, I had forgotten to have them study the practice words that were sent home. So he scored in the top 10% of Kindergarteners without studying at all. He gets to participate in the school bee which takes place next week.

The other day I had a several errands to run and had to take Thad along. I bribed him to "be good" by buying him a huge chocolate chip cookie and a chocolate milk from the little snack bar at Target as we were leaving.  Later in the car it was quiet for a bit while Thad was eating. They he suddenly said "This is the BEST life ever!" I giggled and asked "Why, because you have a chocolate chip cookie and chocolate milk?" and he answered "Yep!"  Ha! Maybe there's a lesson to be learned there. Something about it being the little things in life that matter or stopping to appreciate the small things- or something like that. 

(Just a random fun picture of Thad)

Anyway, point of the story is that I am the Mom of a Class Representative, a Spelling Bee Contestant and a kid with "the best life EVER!" and for that and so much more, I could not be any more proud.

Oh and while I'm bragging I'll just mention that I happen to have (ok, had. It's now bare.) the prettiest tree on the block.

I love this tree. It is beautiful in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. 

Friday, November 16, 2012

Fall Ball Season Wrap Up: Baseball Edition

Rhett played baseball with the same team this season. They got three chances to hit a coach-pitched ball, then one chance off the tee. He usually got a hit from the coaches pitch and just had to use the tee a few times. He seems to really like it and says he wants to keep playing. 

I didn't get many action pictures this season, but here are a couple of the handsome player.

The Dodgers: Fall 2012 Season

After their last game they got cupcakes and trophies.  He is pretty proud of his trophy.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fall Ball Season Wrap Up: Volleyball Edition

Hollace played volleyball for the first time this fall. She has been talking about it since early this last Spring when she found out one of her classmates played.

She got a spot with a team called "Bump it Up" which is made up of mostly first time players so they lost a lot of games to the teams who have been playing together for awhile.  They still had fun and improved a lot over the season. I guess the teams form and then sort of stay together from season to season. She seemed to really enjoy it and I think will want to play again.

Her team colors were hot pink and black. The coaches picked out socks which came in a pack of 3 different animal print designs.  They alternated the socks they wore for each game and the coaches made them all matching hair bows.   They may not have won a lot of games, but they sure were CUTE!!

 The serve is VERY important at this level. The majority of the time if they get the serve over they will get a point because the other time doesn't get the ball back very often.

The girl has got some legs. The short shorts and knee socks seem to really exaggerate her long legs.

 "Bump it Up" team huddle

Here is her team picture. Go Team Bump it UP!!

 If she keeps enjoying it and working at it- I think she has some potential. She has height on her side anyway!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween 2012

Our 20's Flapper Girl, Soldier, and Policeman had a great Halloween! None of them got to have school parties this year, so they just got to wear their costumes for the evening, for neighborhood Trick-or-Treating.

Are they cute or WHAT???

Thad was a policeman. 
Rhett wore this costume a couple of years ago and I thought it was too cute to not use again. 
Thad loved the idea of being a policeman so it worked out well!
(Click HERE to see Rhett as the policeman in 2010.)

Rhett was an Army guy/ Solider/ Commando guy. He really got into the part with his serious facial expressions for the pictures.

 Hollace was a Flapper. My mom actually made this dress for me one Halloween around 25 years ago! 

More of the CUTENESS:

(Thad sitting down on the sidewalk after the very first house to eat his "treat")

I got many more pictures of Hollace than the boys. She was posing for me while the boys were running from me and whining about taking the pictures.

The kids with some of their neighborhood buddies.

The kids had been begging me to get a costume for Ginger. I was not excited about spending money on a ridiculous dog costume that I knew she would chew up and ruin within 10 minutes.  Well, the kids lucked out when I went into PetSmart for dog food and saw this cheesy, festive, dog tutu on clearance for $2.00. I don't think the dog was very impressed with my bargain, but it made the kids happy for 2 bucks.