Tuesday, July 26, 2011

JAMAICA!!: Part 2

Monday Night and Tuesday

It also happened to be the 4th of July. It was a little strange to not be in the good ole' US of A on the 4th, but the Jamaicans tried to make us feel at home a little with Red, White, and Blue dessert.

There were also these two random Jamaican staff guys dressed in R, W, and B and walking around on stilts. This is a bad picture and you can't really tell how tall they were, but it was pretty funny that this is how they tried to incorporate our holiday into the festivities at the resort. They tried I guess.

Each night they had some sort of entertainment at the resort. This guy was balancing all sorts of things on his face. One night there was a fire eater, and there were lots of dancers which were great. One night they had a talent show for the guests who wanted to participate. It was pretty entertaining, but I was embarrassed for a few of them.

My man and I enjoying our time together.

Love the colors in this picture as a little storm was moving in the next morning.

This picture just makes me laugh. We asked one of the Jamaican employees to take our picture and he took it then I asked him to take it vertically. He didn't seem to understand so I was sort of motioning for him to turn the camera. He looked really confused and sort of tilted the camera at a diagonal instead of turning it all the way. I LOVE our faces and the way the pic is at an angle. Ha! Maybe you had to be there, but I really got a kick out of this.

Much better this time.

JAMAICA!!: Part 1

Brent and I got to go to Jamaica earlier this month to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. It's actually in August, but this worked out best with school, etc. We had SUCH an AMAZING time! We haven't been anywhere like this since our honeymoon! A few little 1 or 2 night trips, but nothing like this. It was GREAT!

We made the 13 hour trip to Oklahoma, stayed for a couple of days and left the kiddos there for the week. We drove to Wichita, KS on Saturday evening and got there about 1 am and had to get up about 4:30am for our flight. We'd be on the beach in a few short hours. Yay!!

Sunday and Monday
We arrived on Sunday afternoon and found our room

outside our door

Here are a few of the amazing views

Monday we didn't waste much time finding the beach.

Our first full day we went snorkeling. We went snorkeling and scuba diving on our honeymoon and had a great time.

We also tried paddle boarding. It's a little harder than it looks.

NOTE: I have no idea why that section is underlined.?

There were several beautiful Peacocks wandering around outside our door. They made the weirdest noises, kind of like sick cats. I guess I'd never heard a Peacock before.

Much more to come...........

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Crossfit 300 Games

Explanation for not blogging for a month: Our computer has been broken and in the process of being fixed for about 3 weeks AND- We have been on vacation: Oklahoma and Jamaica- Yes, JAMAICA. It was great and I will definitely have pics to post. We got a new computer, YAY! so I should be able to get back to posting some new stuff soon.

I had done this post before our computer died, but not posted it, so here it is a month late.

Last month Brent participated in a competition through Crossfit which is the gym we are a part of. He and a partner competed in four separate rounds of workouts. It was really hot outside, but they all did great! It was fun to watch and I think the kids even enjoyed it......for a little while.

Shoulder press

.....and box jumps

Kettlebell swings

....and push-ups

Fireman Carry

Wheel barrel
1 round still to go and I think these guys were pooped!

Squats followed by sprints.

Almost done.........

They did it!

I think these two were DONE too.

Where is Thad you ask? Oh he had snuck out onto the field and was rounding cones set up for the sprints. Yes, I had to do a little sprint of my own to go catch him.
Brent and his partner Matt. Proud of these two.
Daddy and his big fans.
The fam