Thursday, July 14, 2011

Crossfit 300 Games

Explanation for not blogging for a month: Our computer has been broken and in the process of being fixed for about 3 weeks AND- We have been on vacation: Oklahoma and Jamaica- Yes, JAMAICA. It was great and I will definitely have pics to post. We got a new computer, YAY! so I should be able to get back to posting some new stuff soon.

I had done this post before our computer died, but not posted it, so here it is a month late.

Last month Brent participated in a competition through Crossfit which is the gym we are a part of. He and a partner competed in four separate rounds of workouts. It was really hot outside, but they all did great! It was fun to watch and I think the kids even enjoyed it......for a little while.

Shoulder press

.....and box jumps

Kettlebell swings

....and push-ups

Fireman Carry

Wheel barrel
1 round still to go and I think these guys were pooped!

Squats followed by sprints.

Almost done.........

They did it!

I think these two were DONE too.

Where is Thad you ask? Oh he had snuck out onto the field and was rounding cones set up for the sprints. Yes, I had to do a little sprint of my own to go catch him.
Brent and his partner Matt. Proud of these two.
Daddy and his big fans.
The fam


Tisha said...

I had Thad in Sunday School. He came in and I had Rhett flashbacks they look so much alike. I will admit I called him Brock the first few minutes telling myself the whole time I really don't think that's right! He looked at me so funny. It took him about five minutes and he came to life. He was so sweet :). Miss you guys!

Dawn said...

You guys look as sweaty as Brent!