Sunday, June 29, 2008

"Catch of the Day"

Saturday we went to Boiling Springs with Grammy and Papa and Aunt Juana, Uncle Colby, and Bev. We went swimming, then cooked out and even went fishing. It was the first fishing experience for the kids. Grammy and Papa bought them "Barbie" and "Cars" fishing poles and Uncle Colby taught them the basics. He is a pretty big fisherman. They had a really great time and Hollace even caught a fish! It was actually the only catch we saw by anyone the whole time we were there. She must be a natural!

Here's Uncle Colby baiting the line. Hollace actually held the worm. YUCK!!

Hollace was actually very patient and sat pretty still waiting for a bite!

Rhett on the other hand thought it was pretty neat for a few minutes, then he was done. He kept going up to the water and trying to stick the pole into the water. He just didn't quite get it.

Here she is with the "Catch of the Day". It was a "perch" somebody said. I wouldn't know the difference.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Owasso Outing

The first week in June the kids and I made a trip to see our Owasso friends-Annie, Lily and Cooper (Josh was out of town). We had been meaning go for awhile and finally did. We had a great time. We had been telling the kids we would go to the water park. Of course the morning we drive up to the park, the kiddie area was closed due to storm damage. The kids were so excited and not going swimming was not an option. So we drove to Muskogee to a little water park there. It was just right for the kids and they all had a great time.

Our first night there we went for a short visit to the mall.

Here are some pics from the water park. It was a great park for little kids.

Rhett is such a little dare-devil and not afraid of anything. He climbed right up onto the slides. Some were too big for him and I kept having to climb up into the falling water and get him. No playing just in the little shallow pool area like the other little ones were. So-no lounging on the side and watching for me!

One of the FEW "breaks" that the little dare-devil took.

The boys were out less than 10 minutes into the car ride home. The girls held on a while longer.

Hollace and Lily had a great time together and were pooped at the end of the big day.

Monday, June 23, 2008

My Boy

I know this is late, but I wanted to post these pictures of my sweet boy. This was on Mother's Day. Rhett "made" this bouquet for me at Sunday School. I'm sure he really had nothing to do with it. But it is so sweet to get these little gifts, none the less. Notice the "My Mom Rules" t-shirt. Brent put it on him that afternoon after church.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Pre-School Picnic

I have been such a slacker lately with the blogging. I was trying to think of my excuses and realized that I really don't have any. I've just been lazy lately I guess. So, I'll spend the next few posts catching up. These pics are from Hollace's last day of school picnic. She really loved "Free Spirit" and was sad it was over. I went to the picnic, so Rhett got to go and even get in on some of the fun.