Sunday, February 28, 2010

"Shake, Rattle, and Roll"

Last night our church hosted a Daddy/Daughter banquet at the country club. This year the theme was "The Fabulous 50s". They took pictures (like prom), had dinner, danced (yes, we are Baptist), and played games. They had a hula-hoop contest, which I'm sure would have been entertaining during the Daddy category. Hollace had a GREAT time and looked SO cute. My mom made her poodle skirt. It really turned out great!

Here is the couple before they left. Brent said he didn't have the "right kind of jeans to roll up", so he went with business casual 50's style. He did try to slick his hair back, but I guess it really wasn't long enough. I guess some of the guys had worn old letter jackets. He said he didn't even think about doing that, but it was probably best so he didn't make the other guys feel bad with all his patches. Whatever!.....Ha Ha

Here's a close up of the poodle skirt. So cute-THANK YOU NANA! I think we may have to wear this for Halloween to get some more use out of it-too cute to just wear once.

Nana even made a matching outfit for Hollace's doll-she LOVED it!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Little Birthday Party

Here are a few pictures from Thad's little birthday "party". It really was just us eating some cake and opening the few presents that had been sent by family. Does this qualify as a party? Of course I did make him a cake, and I did actually buy some birthday plates and napkins, because I sort of felt bad about him not having a party. With Hollace for her first birthday we had a huge costume party at the church with friends and family. For Rhett we just had a little family party at the house with family. But poor was just us. Partly because he is the poor "neglected" third child and partly because everyone is over 800 miles away! Anyway, I don't think he cared.

I don't think he was too impressed with the cake at first. What do you think?

After I cut it and gave him a piece he decided it wasn't so bad.

No, it wasn't so bad at all.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Monday, February 8, 2010

3 For 3

This morning sweet Thad had tubes put in his ears. He didn't start having problems as early as the other two, so I was hoping maybe we'd get by without tubes with him, but no such luck. We are 3 for 3 with tubes in the ears. I know, there are much worse things. It really is a very minor procedure. This time was a little different for me though. With the other two I got to go back into the OR with them, since I worked there and all. This time I had to hand him over and just wait. It really was so quick. I bet he wasn't gone 20 minutes total. AND I have to say he was SOOOO SOOOO GOOD!! He fussed one time for just a second right after he came out and that is it. He didn't really ever cry the whole time we were there and we were on our way home by 8 am!!

You know I had to take pictures of the big event. Here is the STAR patient. We had to be there by 6, and he couldn't eat or drink, but look how good he was.

I took Thad by myself and Brent came a little later. Here we are just trying to pass some time waiting for his turn. This is Thad's new favorite face. He does it all the time and says"Ooohhh, ooohhh." We were making the silly face together.

Another silly face

I was so proud of my big boy. He really couldn't have done any better.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Tennessee Snow

We got about 5-6 inches of snow at the end of last week and from what I hear, that is a LOT for around here. Someone told me the most they've had in a few years. We may get good snow a little more often in Oklahoma, but Tennessee definitely has better hills for sledding when it does snow. We have had so much fun playing the last couple of days.

There was not a sled to be bought in Sumner Co. on Friday, but we had discovered a local hardware store was expecting a truck with some on Saturday at noon. When Brent got there, there were about 50 people in line waiting for the truck! He did come home with two sleds. He was our hero!

Saturday we all got bundled up, including Thad. It was VERY cold out so we didn't last a long time. Here is Thad in his snow gear,ready for his first snow fun. He was like a little beached whale in this get up.

My boys ready to take a ride down the hill behind our house.

It's a great hill except it ends down in this brush. There is a creek down behind it too. This made me a little nervous. We got close to it a few times. It was cold and getting dark so we called it a night.
Sunday it was much warmer and so nice to be out playing! We went to our neighbors across the street who have a GREAT tall sledding hill.
There were some Jr. High boys who were out trying to sled down the hill standing up. Of course, Brent had to try it. I had to remind him we're not in Jr. High anymore and we would have some serious issues if he broke his leg, or worse!

Brent and Rhett and Hollace and her friend Tiffany.

(I really was out there and went down lots of times, but I was the only one that took pictures)

Rhett and his buddy John David. They were just the right weight and FLEW down the hill!

There were just a few spills and crashes.

Poor Thad liked the snow for about 5 minutes. (This was Sat. when it was pretty cold.) Luckily Sunday he took a REALLY long nap, so we all got to play for awhile.

Rhett was a little daredevil. He would try anything!
He played SO long and hard.

I'm happy there are no major injuries to report. Just a bloody lip (Hollace), a very near miss with some patio furniture, and some snow- packed eyes and nostrils.

The day wouldn't have been complete without some snow ice-cream. I had my gel colorings out for Thad's birthday cake, so I let them choose a color for the ice-cream. They chose YELLOW. NOT the most appetizing color for snow ice cream! But it was still YUMMY!

We all had SO much fun and can't wait for another snow in the hills!

**Thanks Dad for the AWESOME camera. I am still just figuring out the basics, but I know I got some much better action pictures than I could have with my old camera!