Monday, February 8, 2010

3 For 3

This morning sweet Thad had tubes put in his ears. He didn't start having problems as early as the other two, so I was hoping maybe we'd get by without tubes with him, but no such luck. We are 3 for 3 with tubes in the ears. I know, there are much worse things. It really is a very minor procedure. This time was a little different for me though. With the other two I got to go back into the OR with them, since I worked there and all. This time I had to hand him over and just wait. It really was so quick. I bet he wasn't gone 20 minutes total. AND I have to say he was SOOOO SOOOO GOOD!! He fussed one time for just a second right after he came out and that is it. He didn't really ever cry the whole time we were there and we were on our way home by 8 am!!

You know I had to take pictures of the big event. Here is the STAR patient. We had to be there by 6, and he couldn't eat or drink, but look how good he was.

I took Thad by myself and Brent came a little later. Here we are just trying to pass some time waiting for his turn. This is Thad's new favorite face. He does it all the time and says"Ooohhh, ooohhh." We were making the silly face together.

Another silly face

I was so proud of my big boy. He really couldn't have done any better.


Janice said...

Wow! I'm glad he did so good! He is so darn cute!

Anonymous said...

My words exactly!! Great pictures. We almost feel like we were there when you blog. Thanks! I love the snow pictures too. love grammy

Leslie said...

Love the pics, he is just so cute!

Kara said...

He is so cute! Glad he did so well!

Annie said...

Agree, he is adorable! Glad everything went well and now hopefully he will be feeling great!

Ashley said...

I think he looks so much like HOllace! glad he did well. He's a cutie :)