Thursday, November 20, 2008

Future Nurse?

Last week the surgery dept. did a neat thing for Peri-Operative Nurses Week. We invited a first grade class to come to a "Bear Hospital". They got to bring their "sick or injured" bears, dolls, or other stuffed toys to the hospital and go back into the OR while we worked on them. We put the "patients" to sleep and then casted, sewed and patched them up. The staff got to bring up our own kids and grandkids beforehand to go through. Hollace took her American Girl doll, Angelina, who had a "broken arm". They all had lots of fun-and who knows maybe one or two of them will grow up to be nurses. Maybe even Hollace, even if right now she says when she grows up she is going to work at Sonic and Mega Movies.....

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Future Fireman?

Last Saturday our Sunday School class took breakfast to the firemen on duty at the fire station, to show our appreciation for their service. They took the kids downstairs to see the trucks and even let them sit in the firetrucks, turned the lights on, and gave them each their own chief hat and badge sticker. They were all very impressed. Rhett really likes firetrucks, not as much as "Cars", but a lot. If you are wondering why Hollace isn't in any of the pictures, she stayed the night with her Nana the night before. When I called to get them up and tell them we were on our way, she told my mom she didn't want to go, so when we got there to pick her up she was sitting there in her pajamas. She immediately jumped up and said she changed her mind, and wanted to go. I told her we didn't have time to wait on her now and she'd have to miss it. She cried and cried and we had to have a talk later about the decisions we make and their consequences. Hope she learned a lesson.....Anyway here are some pics of my little fireman.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Name That Cousin

My nephew has a name: Gunnar Thomas Tackett- and Hollace actually picked his name! A few weeks ago, they still hadn't decided on a name. Hollace said "Well, if you're not going to name him, I will. I pick Gunnar." She said she chose this because "Uncle Colby loves guns" (he is a big hunter). I think at first they just thought it was funny that she chose this because of the "guns", but it kind of grew on them. The second day in the hospital they finally decided to go with Gunnar. Hollace was so proud. I really like it! Here are a couple of pics from the hospital. This was the kids' first time to see him up close and sort of "hold him". This was still Halloween day. (I do not normally dress my kids as super-heroes) We went back late after all the festivities were over.

Now I have to get back to nervously watching the election results come in. Say a prayer!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

It's a bird, It's a plane......

No, It's Super-Man and Super-Woman!!!
We had a great Halloween. We went to KidFest at our church. There were big blow up toys, a slide, hay-ride, hay-maze, Biblical skits to watch, games, a big swing, lots of fun and candy. We actually never really go trick-or-treating, because we just go to this every year. They always have a great time!
Here are my little super-heroes.
This is Rhett saying "cheeese". I have a lot of pics of him lately with this same face.
Hollace really got into character.

They really enjoyed the hay maze.

This is the big swing that hangs from the ceiling inside the gym. It is a hit every year. This was Rhett's first year to do it. He really liked it. (It made me just a little nervous.)

Here is Hollace playing some of the inside games

Rhett loved the inflatable bouncy toy (whatever those are called).

**Thanks, Sally, for letting us borrow the great wonder woman costume!

Unexpected Halloween News!!

I figured I would be posting Halloween costume/ Kid Fest pictures today, but I have something more exciting and unexpected to share. Brent's sister, Juana, and her husband Colby had their baby yesterday-on Halloween. She wasn't due until Nov. 18th, so we were a little surprised, but very excited. She did great, but ended up having a c-section yesterday late afternoon. The baby was just not coming down like he should to deliver. I actually got to go in with her, since I have connections, so that was really neat. The baby, who has yet to be named, weighed 6 lbs., 2 oz. and was18 and something inches long. He and Mommy are doing great. We had to leave the hospital, while Juana was still in the recovery room and Baby Tackett was still in the nursery, to go get ready for KidFest. Brent had to be there early because he played Jesus in one of the skits, but that is another post. We went back to the hospital afterwards so the we could check on Aunt Juana and the baby- my kids' first cousin and my first nephew! I'll post actual Halloween pics and more of the new baby later.
Isn't he just adorable??

The proud new Daddy and cousins!