Friday, July 30, 2010

18 Months

Wednesday, this sweet little guy was 18 months old. I can't believe it- a toddler now, really not a baby anymore. It is bittersweet.

Here is a little of what Thaddy is like at 18 months:
  • Busy, Busy, Busy-though he's only been walking about 2 months, he is all over the place. He loves to climb: up the stairs, onto the bar stools, and tables-everywhere.
  • Our pickiest eater by far. Some days he won't eat anything. When he will eat, it's carbohydrates: bread, crackers, pasta, fruit, sweets. We are working on this, but you can't make a toddler eat.
  • Weight: 28 lb. (about 50th percentile) , Height: 32" (about 70th percentile). Wears mostly 18-24 months.
  • Has the most hair, by far, of the kiddos at this age. The other day at the pool someone said he already looked like a little fraternity boy with his long blond wavy hair. How funny! Really I am surprised at his hair. Mine was about that color at that age, but I figured I would have dark headed little boys, like Brent.
  • Loves his brother and sister and wants to be doing whatever they are doing.
  • Is pretty tough and stands his ground with his sometimes too rough big brother.
  • LOVES to be outside. Loves to push his riding toys around, up and down the sidewalk (with the occasional attempt to sneak into the street).
  • Not saying much. He doesn't seem to be saying as much as the other two at this age. He basically says "poo-poo", "Ma-Ma" (for "Mom" and for "more"), and "DUH". Just about everything else is "Duh" as he points at it. He has said other things a few times, but this is his regular vocabulary. We are working on this too.
  • Knows how to open the safety gate at the stairs, and helps himself up and down the stairs all the time.
  • Sleeps really well: usually about 12 hours at night and a 1-3 hour nap during the afternoon.
  • Still NOT fun to take to a restaurant. We went to Red Robin a couple of weeks ago, because we needed a reminder of why we don't eat at restaurants I guess. It was a good reminder!
Here are some pics I took at the pool the other day. He likes the pool, but some days he won't stay in the water and wanders around, usually ending up at the entrance gate trying to get out or playing at the water fountain.
So fascinating!
Love this sweet face!

Occasionally he brings floaties to me while we're in the house and wants to just wear them around for awhile. So funny.
We LOVE you sweet Thaddy Bear !!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

On Your MARK..............

GET SET...........
The Mooreland 4th of July festivities included the much anticipated bike races for the kids. They have several heats for the different age groups.
First up was was the "1 year olds with push toys". Here are Thad and Gunnar at the starting line getting some last minute instruction and motivation from Brent and Juana.

moving right along.......
He passed the crying child to his right

Look at that face as he cuts in front of the competition.

......and a strong finish for his first ever race!
Next up was the "three year olds with training wheels division". Nana and Papa got Rhett a bike when we got to Oklahoma, so he had only been riding it a couple of days before the big competition. He was really excited for the race.
Look at his face, he looks nervous! - and I think Hollace was giving him some race pointers. Too funny!

and he's off!! Look at his tongue sticking out- just like Lightning McQueen!!
Keeping his eye on the competition.........
So proud at the finish line!
Hollace's group moved a little faster and I didn't get any pictures during the actual race, but here she is with her ribbon at the finish line. She's an old pro at these races. She's been doing it since she was in the Push Toy division.

Monday, July 19, 2010

More of the 4th (Okay, still the 3rd)

Spectators of the Mooreland Fireworks Show:
This isn't a great picture, but here are Aunt Juana and Gunnar:
More Oohhing and Aaahing:
I love this of Bev and Rhett!
We didn't get any great pics of the babies together, but here are Thad and cousin Gunnar. Thad is 3 months younger, but much taller and bigger. It is really funny.
Brent and Uncle Scott did get a few little fireworks and sparklers for the kids. I had to post this picture of Hollace in her Go-Go Boots! Awesome, huh? These were actually Grammy Terri's in high school. GO Grammy!- Hollace had a ball playing in these!

Friday, July 16, 2010

The 4th (make that the 3rd) in Oklahoma

We were in Oklahoma for the 4th of July so we went to the annual celebration in Mooreland. I think last year was the only year we haven't been there since Hollace was born, and maybe before that. It was rainy, but still a good time. The Saturday morning started off with the kids' bike races. I got several cute pictures from the races I'll post separately. Here are a few of the other pics from the day.
We were excited to see Hollace after she had been gone for a week and a half. I'm not sure she noticed we weren't there. Between you and me- I think she may have gotten just a little SPOILED during her visit!

Thad kept crawling into all the strollers, the backs or baskets or ones that weren't his.
Nana and Rhett being silly
Sydnie and Margot got to come to Woodward and spend a few days with us.

This is the best one I got of the three kids in their red, white, and blue. Pretty bad.

Now that Thad has joined the walking world, he was all over the place.

Grammy got to chase him around for awhile.

Papa and Thad checking out the old firetruck at the park

**More to come**

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I'm Alive!!!

OH MY GOODNESS!! I am so thankful to be typing this right now, thankful that I FEEL like typing this. I have been SOOOO sick! For those of you that don't know, I got "the stomach bug" we had been dreading, Sun. the 4th. I spent our last day in OK sick, then rode back 13+ hours SICK! It was not pretty. We were afraid if we waited to leave, Brent would get it and we'd be stuck. So anyway, I just kept thinking, a couple days with the bug, then I should be fine. Then everyday, I'd think surely tomorrow I'll be better. WELL........12 days later, I can finally say, I think I'm better. I have never seen a GI virus stick around so long. It was 9 days with the full fledged bug, then the last two days I think I was just trying to recover. I ended up in the ER last Thursday night with dehydration and hypokalemia (low potassium), and I've lost about 10 pounds. I hadn't unpacked or done much of anything until today. I feel like I've just lost a week and a half of my summer- I basically have. Thankfully, Brent and Hollace have managed to avoid the bug so far. (Say a little prayer and knock on wood). I still don't feel GREAT, but SOOO much better. It will probably take awhile for me to feel like myself after that one!

Well enough of my sob-story, just wanted to let everyone know I'm still alive and I'll try to get some pictures of our trip and the 4th up soon. Sorry I don't have any pictures of myself over the last 2 weeks for your enjoyment!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010