Wednesday, July 21, 2010

On Your MARK..............

GET SET...........
The Mooreland 4th of July festivities included the much anticipated bike races for the kids. They have several heats for the different age groups.
First up was was the "1 year olds with push toys". Here are Thad and Gunnar at the starting line getting some last minute instruction and motivation from Brent and Juana.

moving right along.......
He passed the crying child to his right

Look at that face as he cuts in front of the competition.

......and a strong finish for his first ever race!
Next up was the "three year olds with training wheels division". Nana and Papa got Rhett a bike when we got to Oklahoma, so he had only been riding it a couple of days before the big competition. He was really excited for the race.
Look at his face, he looks nervous! - and I think Hollace was giving him some race pointers. Too funny!

and he's off!! Look at his tongue sticking out- just like Lightning McQueen!!
Keeping his eye on the competition.........
So proud at the finish line!
Hollace's group moved a little faster and I didn't get any pictures during the actual race, but here she is with her ribbon at the finish line. She's an old pro at these races. She's been doing it since she was in the Push Toy division.


Leslie said...

Cute post!!

Janice said...

And a good time was had by all!

Dawn said...

very cute!