Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Race and a Recital

The weekend before last we had a couple of fun events. Saturday morning I got to get together with a friend from Tennessee. We were running buddies there and then a few months after we moved to McKinney, her family moved to Plano, which is just next door to us. We have been meaning to get together for a while and finally made it happen. She has been doing a lot a running and races, but I have NOT! In fact  I just realized the last race I did was LAST Memorial Day- a year ago!

Anyway we met in Plano to do the "Rock the Block 5K". To our surprise we both won 1st place in our divisions. My time was 23:27 I think (right at a 7:30min/mile pace). It was great to see her and so funny that we both won!  We went for brunch afterward and she is already trying to talk me into another race. A 15K in the MIDDLE of JULY. UGH!

After brunch I hurried home to get ready for Hollace's  FIRST PIANO RECITAL! She just started taking lessons in February this year so I was a little surprised to hear that she would be a part of the Spring recital.  Her 2 songs were pretty simple, but I was proud of her for picking it up so fast.

Here she is doing some last minute practicing. She actually had her pieces memorized and never looked at the music. Her songs were duets with her teacher and she was a little nervous that this would mess her up.


Here is my little pianist ready to go. Our piano was my Great Aunt's (My Dad's Aunt) and my parents gave it to me several years ago. It made the trip to Tennessee with us and then to Texas in hopes that we would put it to use some day! I really hope she continues to enjoy piano and music!

Here are Hollace and her friend Anna-Leah. They started taking lessons at the same time and her mom and I alternate taking the girls to lessons and watching the 4 little brothers.

 We actually walked out without the camera bag, so we had to do pictures/videos from our phones. Here she is performing her song: 

She did SOOO great, perfect actually! Not one mistake!
(This is my first time to post a video. Hope it works.)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

(yes, it's a pull-up)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Eating My Words

Ok, since my last post,  Brent has taken every opportunity to make me eat my words. Every opportunity being every time the boys are acting a little less "heart melting" and a little more "poke my eyeballs out". Believe it or not this is fairly often. When they are not acting like the little angels they are, he looks at me and says "doesn't that just melt your heart?"  Smart aleck!!

So I feel the need to follow up my last post with a little clarification.

There are PLENTY of times the boys do literally make me want to poke my eyeballs out.
Like the times they:

Dump their cleats full of sand out onto my just cleaned floors, or
Put huge dents ALL OVER the wooden pillar on our patio with a golf club, or
Use my favorite bracelets for sling shots for their super hero figures, or
Color with sharpies all over the playroom floor, or
Choose public places to demonstrate their super bodily function noises, or
Fight so much I feel like I am a WWE referee,
I could go on and on.........

BUT, no matter how many times a day I find myself saying "Don't throw that in the house", "Do NOT punch your brother again!", "What is that all over your hands?", "Take the baseball bat outside", "Get off the counter", "Get out of the sink", "Get out of the mud!", "Put your underwear back on!", "Where are your clothes?", "Don't turn on the oven", "Don't sit on your brother!", "Don't sit on the dog", "Put that BACK in the trash", "Get your finger out of your nose", "Do NOT throw things over the fence!", and "Do NOT touch that dog poop!"......................

I am still reminded, even if only in fleeting moments, that MY BOYS are precious, sweet blessings! You know- in moments that mostly look like this:

Monday, May 21, 2012

Melt My Heart

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE LOVE having a daughter, but there is just something about little boys.  It's just different.  I know you all with sons will agree. They can just melt your heart. 

Rhett's Pre school class had a Mother's Day Tea for all the moms last week.  He was so excited and reminded me about it all week. He told me that I got to sit in his chair in his classroom and he was going to serve me. He was too sweet asking me what I wanted to drink and what kind of muffin I wanted. He kept forgetting what the choices were and had to go back to ask Mrs. Betsey several times. It was too cute!

When we were done eating they presented us with these sweet gifts that Mrs. Betsy had wrapped up so nicely. It was a stepping stone with his handprint and little glass beads. So cute and he was so proud!


Thad made me this picture and frame in his class.  

See what I mean.....Melts my heart!!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mom's Day

(I wanted to post this earlier, but I was having picture/scanner issues.)

Happy Mother's Day!

SO thankful for these two AMAZING Moms for ALL they have done for us! We LOVE YOU!

.......and for these AMAZING kids who call me Mom! SO thankful for the blessing of being a Mother! 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Flashback Friday: Pool Fun 2011

I ran across these pictures from last summer that I never posted.  I think they were taken in June just before we went on our vacation, then moved, and school started........and I just never got around to it. I thought there were some really cute ones so I decided to post them, even if it's a year late. We are ready for summer and more days like this around here!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tidbit Tuesday

Here are a few little tidbits about what we've been up to.

Hollace:  She and I went to Disney on Ice in Dallas a couple of weeks ago with some friends. When we were getting ready she saw what I was wearing and decided she wanted to wear her white jeans and a pink shirt so we could we be "twins".

Rhett and Thad:  We recently went to a Spaghetti Dinner/ Art Show night at their pre-school. They had some art pieces on display that they had made throughout the year. Here they are showing off their favorite pieces.

All of Us:  We went to Relay for Life last weekend. Brent had to "speak" for a minute because the hospital was a sponsor so we all went along for the festivities. It was actually a really neat event and a good experience for the kids.