Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Eating My Words

Ok, since my last post,  Brent has taken every opportunity to make me eat my words. Every opportunity being every time the boys are acting a little less "heart melting" and a little more "poke my eyeballs out". Believe it or not this is fairly often. When they are not acting like the little angels they are, he looks at me and says "doesn't that just melt your heart?"  Smart aleck!!

So I feel the need to follow up my last post with a little clarification.

There are PLENTY of times the boys do literally make me want to poke my eyeballs out.
Like the times they:

Dump their cleats full of sand out onto my just cleaned floors, or
Put huge dents ALL OVER the wooden pillar on our patio with a golf club, or
Use my favorite bracelets for sling shots for their super hero figures, or
Color with sharpies all over the playroom floor, or
Choose public places to demonstrate their super bodily function noises, or
Fight so much I feel like I am a WWE referee,
I could go on and on.........

BUT, no matter how many times a day I find myself saying "Don't throw that in the house", "Do NOT punch your brother again!", "What is that all over your hands?", "Take the baseball bat outside", "Get off the counter", "Get out of the sink", "Get out of the mud!", "Put your underwear back on!", "Where are your clothes?", "Don't turn on the oven", "Don't sit on your brother!", "Don't sit on the dog", "Put that BACK in the trash", "Get your finger out of your nose", "Do NOT throw things over the fence!", and "Do NOT touch that dog poop!"......................

I am still reminded, even if only in fleeting moments, that MY BOYS are precious, sweet blessings! You know- in moments that mostly look like this:


Dawn Castor said...

Haha! That's awesome! Love that picture!

Larry (Papa) Brown said...

Being an "Angel" is very tiring work.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha!! I really enjoyed this post! Haha!!
Annie :)