Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Race and a Recital

The weekend before last we had a couple of fun events. Saturday morning I got to get together with a friend from Tennessee. We were running buddies there and then a few months after we moved to McKinney, her family moved to Plano, which is just next door to us. We have been meaning to get together for a while and finally made it happen. She has been doing a lot a running and races, but I have NOT! In fact  I just realized the last race I did was LAST Memorial Day- a year ago!

Anyway we met in Plano to do the "Rock the Block 5K". To our surprise we both won 1st place in our divisions. My time was 23:27 I think (right at a 7:30min/mile pace). It was great to see her and so funny that we both won!  We went for brunch afterward and she is already trying to talk me into another race. A 15K in the MIDDLE of JULY. UGH!

After brunch I hurried home to get ready for Hollace's  FIRST PIANO RECITAL! She just started taking lessons in February this year so I was a little surprised to hear that she would be a part of the Spring recital.  Her 2 songs were pretty simple, but I was proud of her for picking it up so fast.

Here she is doing some last minute practicing. She actually had her pieces memorized and never looked at the music. Her songs were duets with her teacher and she was a little nervous that this would mess her up.


Here is my little pianist ready to go. Our piano was my Great Aunt's (My Dad's Aunt) and my parents gave it to me several years ago. It made the trip to Tennessee with us and then to Texas in hopes that we would put it to use some day! I really hope she continues to enjoy piano and music!

Here are Hollace and her friend Anna-Leah. They started taking lessons at the same time and her mom and I alternate taking the girls to lessons and watching the 4 little brothers.

 We actually walked out without the camera bag, so we had to do pictures/videos from our phones. Here she is performing her song: 

She did SOOO great, perfect actually! Not one mistake!
(This is my first time to post a video. Hope it works.)

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Papa Larry said...

Great job Hollace, just beautiful. You didn't do to badly yourself, Hilary. Proud of my girls!