Monday, September 24, 2012

Beach Vacation: Part IV- Fun in the Waves

On the first day in Florida we went to the local Wal-Mart and bought these boogie boards for everyone. It was money VERY well spent. They played on these for hours!! Ok, WE played on these for hours. I think Brent and I had as much fun on them as the kids did.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Beach Vacation: Part III- Fun on the Beach

We were so excited to finally hit the beach. It's amazing how many hours of fun a bunch of sand and water can provide.

One afternoon we took a boat cruise out to a sea shell hunt. They took us out to an area where shells seem to collect. We waded in the shallow water to find the shells. We had to check each one for crabs before we kept it. It was a little creepy to pick them up, then find a big crab inside.

There was another option for a Dolphin Cruise, where they would take you out to a location known to have a lot of dolphin sightings. We decided to do the Shell Excursion instead, but it was our LUCKY DAY. On our way out, the guide spotted several dolphins very near us and stopped so we could watch and take pictures.  

They were really putting on a show, jumping out of the water and doing flips. I wasn't able to catch them too high in the air so these pictures don't really do it justice. It was so cool to see and the kids loved it.
You can see this one's face as she was swimming on her back.

On our way back the Captain let each of the kids sit in driver's seat for a minute. They thought this was AWESOME!

This is Rhett showing off his favorite shell from the hunt.

Our collection

Thad was not interested in finding the shells. I tried to give him some for his bucket that I found, but he didn't even want any in his bucket.  He did however pick up a few rocks in the parking lot as we left, so here is the "treasure" he ended up with. The other two rocks were in his pocket.
This is at the pool just outside our room. The grounds were beautiful.

Margo and I relaxing while the kids played in the pool
Somewhere, Brynn had seen these mermaid tails and decided she and Hollace just HAD to have one for the beach. Margo and I gave in and found them onilne. They had so much fun with these and it was funny to see other people pointing at them and watching them. Several people asked us where we got them.

 More fun on the beach.......

Stay tuned for more Vacation Fun!