Monday, March 31, 2014

A Super Fun Snow Day

Is today really the last day of March? 
Have I really gone ALL month without posting anything? 
I think that's a record.

I had these pictures all uploaded and ready to post a while back, then I realized how terrible they look. This was on a snow day a few weeks ago and two friends and I took turns taking pictures on my friend Laura's camera. She uploaded them to an album in Shutterfly, so we could all have them. When I downloaded/uploaded (whichever is correct) them from the album they were really poor quality. I've been meaning to have her send them to me another way, but I haven't yet and it's almost been a whole month without a single post............SO today I present to you terrible pictures of a really fun snow day!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tidbit Tuesday

This is just a picture I took one morning before school. She is quite the little fashionista. She LOVES to put her outfits together every day.

He's just been up to his usual silliness.  Something funny he said a couple of weeks ago that I want to remember. We were driving at night and he says, looking up at the full moon "MOM, LOOK- the moon is fully charged!!"  HA! That makes me smile every time I think about it!
 We are really proud of Rhett lately at school. He was Leader of the Month for January, then today I got a note from his teacher saying he was chosen to be on the the student leaders at Leadership Night at the school next week!

We had two really fun days sledding a couple of weeks ago when we had the snow days. I have several pictures I'll post soon.

He went on his first ever hunting trip at the end of January. He went with some guys at work to a place near Salina, KS.  He had a great time!
They had REALLY cold weather while they were there. I think he said it was -5 degrees on day they were out. Then they had snowy, icy roads on the way home. We were so glad to have him home- safe and sound!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Leader of the Month

Rhett was chosen as one of the Leaders of the Month for his school for January. 
He got to invite all of us to attend a special breakfast and award presentation in his honor one day before school.

 Rhett with his sweet teacher, Mrs. Hart

It was so cute and we were really SO proud of him!!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Just Another Day

We are not huge Valentine's Day "celebraters".  It seems a little cheesy and commercialized to me.  We get the kids a little something, but don't really do gifts for each other. We don't even usually go out to eat on actual Valentine's Day. The restaurants are always crowded and I'd just rather go another night. Tonight we all went to Rhett's basketball practice, then had pizza with the kids. Maybe not too romantic, but I didn't cook so that's good enough for me.

We do try to have "date nights" on a fairly regular basis and I thought today would be as good a day as any, to post a few pics of my "sweetheart" and I, that I've been meaning to post.

This was in December at the Mercy Foundation Gala. It was a really nice event and was fun to get all dressed up. Isn't he handsome?!?

This was just a fun night out with some friends just before Christmas. 

 These two couples have been so good to us since we moved. They have gone out of their way to help us get settled and plugged in.
They're lots of fun too!

 This was on New Year's Eve. 
 We went out for a nice dinner before going back to relieve the sitters and ring in the New Year with all the kiddos. 

There is one thing I love about Valentines Day......
Getting these sweet notes and cards from our three sweethearts-
LOVE seeing and reading these!

Friday, February 7, 2014

"Aye, Aye Captain!"

In the fall, Hollace participated in the theater program at UAFS. They worked all fall and did a production of Little Mermaid, Jr. in December.

She LOVED it and was so sad, when they had done their final performance, that it was over. I'm sure she'll be doing the program again.

WARNING: You are about to see a LOT of pictures!:)

Her main part in the musical was "Pilot", the captain of Prince Eric's ship.

 Here are a few backstage pre-show pics.
Pilot with some of the Mer-Sisters.

 Pilot with Sebastian.
 With a Mer-sister, King Triton, and Sebastian.

 Hollace's slide on the pre-show cast slide-show.
 Some pre-show cast pictures.

 of course a silly one.......

 Finally it's SHOW TIME!

 She had a couple of smaller parts. One was Gull, a bird.
 The birds were suppose to be funny. This song/dance was really cute and silly.

 This is the scene where they were sailing into a storm. It was quite dramatic and Hollace did a great job on her speaking parts!

 For this scene she played a Chef.

 Flowers for the Star after the show.

 She even got to sign a few autographs.

 A quick pic with Ursula and Ariel......

...and the her Director and Choreographer.

and with her biggest fans.

 She had SO much fun and did such a great job. We were very proud!