Thursday, July 16, 2015

Barracudas 2015

The boys participated in the summer swim team with the Barracudas again this year. 
We were only in town for the July meet.
They did such a great job!
(I didn't take my good camera, so I didn't get many good pictures.)

Showing off their ribbons.....
Rhett won two firsts and a second place.
Thad brought home a first, second, and third place ribbon.

Here's a little video of Rhett winning first in the free style.

....and a clip of Thad dominating in the butterfly.
So proud of these little swimmers. 
Here they are showing their "Swimmer of the Day" awards they earned during practices.

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Janice said...

They are good at every sport they try, aren't they?! The video clips didn't show up on my computer.