Monday, August 30, 2010

Life as we know it.....................

About a week ago, Thad discovered how to escape his crib and our lives have not been the same since. One would think that since he didn't walk until he was 17 months old, that we might have a little time before we had to deal with this. But NO. About a week ago he figured out the vaulting maneuver necessary to launch from the mattress on the lowest setting, over the rail, in the highest position.
We use to lay him down in his crib, awake, and that was it, until about 7-8 in the morning. Not anymore! I feel like we have a newborn again!! 2 nights ago it took 2 hours to get him to stay in his bed. We put him back to bed 37-yes, I counted-37 times! We tried putting the mattress on the floor, thinking the idea of being trapped in was making him upset. This did NOT work. It took him 2.5 seconds to get up and to his door instead of the 4.5 second it took from his crib. We tried holding the door closed. For about 15 minutes he cried, banged on the door and stuck his adorable little fingers under the door, then finally just as we suspected............SILENCE. We let several silent minutes pass then decided to sneak in and carry the sleeping angel to bed. We slowly opened the door- and found him sitting on the floor wide awake staring at us. This was after about an hour of trying. You would think he would be exhausted by then. We sure were.
Last night, we finally got him to sleep about 8:30 (this is about his normal bed time, but we started early.). He was up at 10:30, 11:30, and then at 4:00 for good! He would not go back to sleep and both boys were awake when I left for the gym at 4:50. That is just NOT RIGHT!
His nap times are shot too. He use to nap for at least 2 hours and sometimes 3, now it's 45 minutes if I'm lucky. I'm just thinking 8:30/9:00 pm until 4:00 am with a 45 minute nap is just not enough sleep for a 19 month old. Who's with me???
The only one who might be getting something out of this situation is Rhett. I've always said in the most loving way, that Rhett was my "difficult" child. Thad is lately making Rhett look like a Golden Child!! Kidding aside, I know that each child has their own special personality and I love that! I know God has big plans for both of my strong-willed (difficult), determined (stubborn) little guys. I pray as they grow he will use these characteristics in them to His glory!! (I also pray for more than 4 hours of sleep tonight!;)
Sorry there are no cute pictures to go with this post. There hasn't been much cuteness going on here lately. And if there was......I was too tired or frustrated to take a picture of it.
**If anyone has any tips to share for our little issue, please do.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Gimee A Break!!!

Being in Tennessee with all our family 13 hours away, I don't do much without my kids. I go to the gym or run a few times a week, but to do this alone requires me to get up at 4:30 (Yes, 4:30 in the morning, which is really in the middle of the night!) to get back before Brent has to leave. Date nights are few and far between, because by the time we pay for a babysitter for 3 and a meal, etc. we've spent a small fortune. Most errands and shopping have to wait until the weekend. I have to be pretty desperate to go grocery shopping with all three kids (or even just the 2 boys). I'm sure many of you can relate. I usually have one running away from me or trying to steer my cart into shelves and displays, pulling numerous things off the shelves and into or out of my basket, one talking non-stop and explaining in length why we need this or that, and one trying every possible maneuver (sometimes successfully) to get out of the basket with the little safety belt attached. It is not my idea of fun!
I know that there are MANY who are in the same situation with no help, and even single moms (don't know how they do it). So I'm not really complaining, I'm just sayin'..........

But this last week I got a little break and some "me" time, and Brent and I got a little "us" time. Last Saturday night we went out for our anniversary. We just went to a really nice restaurant in Nashville and took our time and enjoyed eating without having to get up to get something for someone twelve times in ten minutes or breaking up a fight or holding a child who is eating off our plate while we tried to eat. It was really nice.

The babysitter took a quick pic before we left.
Also this week Mother's Day Out/ Pre-School at our church started! YIPEEE!!! They go twice a week for a few hours. Tuesday I had several errands to run. It is just SOO much easier not having to load and unload kids each time you stop, not to mention taking them in with you. I went to Target for a few things and just strolled around and took my time. I didn't do anything exciting, but it was nice. It is sure easy to take it for granted when you have grandparents or family always willing to babysit for date night or even for a trip to the store.

I tried to take a few pictures of the boys before their first day at MDO and did NOT have much luck. I was going to take one of them together, then separately and one with Rhett with his back pack. These were the two pictures I got. I could see how the photo shoot was going to go pretty quickly, so I just stopped. Maybe another day.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Happy Birthiversary!!

Happy Birthday and 9th Anniversary to my wonderful, handsome, smart, hard working, fun, loving, smart, supportive, amazing, Christ-following husband!! I am so blessed to have you as my husband, best friend and partner! I LOVE YOU!!

9 Years ago today.........
How time flies...............
UPDATE/EDIT: Brent just informed me that I listed "smart" twice. He said "I know I'm smart, but I really don't think it's necessary to list it twice.".... I think the second entry was suppose to say: smart-Y PANTS!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Big Day 4 Rhett!!

Today my Rhett turns FOUR!! He is seeming so grown up lately. He is really SO sweet and loving. He says the sweetest things, and out of the blue will say "Mommy, I love you" or "your hair looks pretty" or "I really love Hollace", etc. He really is a sweet boy, but don't let him fool you. He can be as ornery as the day is long. Oh, and speaking of long days....the boy is up by 6:30 most days and often before 6:oo, he hasn't taken naps for about 2 years now- and doesn't' go to bed until 9:00! The boy just doesn't need much sleep and it wears me out sometimes! He loves Cars, trucks, Toy Story, playing outside, playing Wii and computer games, watching movies, getting dirty, riding his bike, and playing golf and t-ball with his Daddy. He loves his brother and sister, and plays really well with Thad, though sometimes he's a little rough. He's teaching Thad to be really tough though.

He really wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese for his birthday, so we took two of his little friends and had a little party there Saturday. He had a blast!

This is the first birthday cake I DIDN'T make. After making each of their birthday cakes-all 10 of them so far. I broke the tradition. I've been really busy lately and I just didn't feel motivated to do it this time. My cake making days may be over. It was so easy to just order it, then go pick it up. It is fun to make them, but I'm not sure it's worth all the time and work. He is loving Toy Story, so of course this is what he wanted on his cake.
Rhett with his two best buddies: Seth and John David

I think Brent used more that his share of the game "tokens" and for the record, he was the one I had to drag away from the games when it was time to go.

with the famous Chuck E. Cheese

Rhett LOVES to play these kind of games and the video/driving games. Here he is in action on the skee ball game.
Thad enjoyed some of the rides and games too.

Here's the Birthday Boy with the long awaited "Woody" from Toy Story to go with his Buzz lightyear.. This is all he has talked about the last couple of weeks. I don't think he was disappointed. He has played with it non-stop. Happy Birthday Big Boy!! We LOVE you so much!
It's also a big day for this little sweetie. My niece Margot is turning ONE today! Happy Birthday!!
.....and a Happy Happy Birthday today to my wonderful Dad!!! Yes, this is a big day in our family. Half of my dad's grandchildren were born on HIS birthday!

Friday, August 6, 2010

FIRST Friday

Hollace's FIRST day of FIRST grade was today. She was really excited and not nervous at all. She even let me walk her in. I can't wait to hear about her big day.

Check out the poses

We had another first today. I took Thad for his first "professional" wrestling match- Oh, I mean haircut! Fun times! Brent always cuts Rhett's and has trimmed Thad's a couple of times. However, due to Thad's lack of cooperation and his longer, wavy hair- we decided to seek professional help.

Look at this little HAM and his handsome new haircut.
I did win the match by the way. He didn't go down without a fight, but I ALWAYS win.
Well, this is not a first, but this is what Thad was doing while I was trying to snap some pics of his haircut. Anytime anyone in our family has to visit the "facilities" he is close behind, to "observe". He loves to watch and tries to push you off of the potty so he can look inside.
He continually says, like a question: "Poo-poo, Poo-poo?" and looks at you like he's asking if that's what you're up to. Ha-Ha. It's cute, though a little annoying. Rhett was asking "Can't you just carry him out of here?". Poor kid- Can't a guy get a little privacy.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

OH Summer....Where have you gone?

Summer is over for all practical purposes. Hollace registered for school yesterday and reports to 1st GRADE tomorrow! Wow. The summers always fly by, but it seems that it was faster than ever this year.
It seems like summer was just getting started then we took a little trip to Oklahoma and spent about 2 weeks with the stomach bug-now summer is over. We did take a quick trip to Holiday World two weekends ago. It is a great theme park and water park in Santa Claus, Indiana. It's about a 2 1/2 hr drive, so we just drove up in the morning and came back the same night. It was great, but busier than I expected. Supposedly it was the first amusement park in the world!

Here are a few last summer fun pictures. We had some great times at our neighborhood pool.
There are almost always some of the kids' friends at the pool.

Rhett is really doing a lot better swimming, but since I usually have 3 to supervise by myself, he usually has to leave the floaties on. Brent often takes the kids on the weekend while Thad naps. This is probably more fun for them. Brent can play with them and not have to worry about Thad.

My boy is seeming so grown up lately.
Of course we have to have snacks at the pool. Rhett typically tells me he's hungry withing 5 minutes of arriving at the pool. Here's Thad enjoying some refreshing watermelon.

So long summer break. We'll miss you!