Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Big Day 4 Rhett!!

Today my Rhett turns FOUR!! He is seeming so grown up lately. He is really SO sweet and loving. He says the sweetest things, and out of the blue will say "Mommy, I love you" or "your hair looks pretty" or "I really love Hollace", etc. He really is a sweet boy, but don't let him fool you. He can be as ornery as the day is long. Oh, and speaking of long days....the boy is up by 6:30 most days and often before 6:oo, he hasn't taken naps for about 2 years now- and doesn't' go to bed until 9:00! The boy just doesn't need much sleep and it wears me out sometimes! He loves Cars, trucks, Toy Story, playing outside, playing Wii and computer games, watching movies, getting dirty, riding his bike, and playing golf and t-ball with his Daddy. He loves his brother and sister, and plays really well with Thad, though sometimes he's a little rough. He's teaching Thad to be really tough though.

He really wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese for his birthday, so we took two of his little friends and had a little party there Saturday. He had a blast!

This is the first birthday cake I DIDN'T make. After making each of their birthday cakes-all 10 of them so far. I broke the tradition. I've been really busy lately and I just didn't feel motivated to do it this time. My cake making days may be over. It was so easy to just order it, then go pick it up. It is fun to make them, but I'm not sure it's worth all the time and work. He is loving Toy Story, so of course this is what he wanted on his cake.
Rhett with his two best buddies: Seth and John David

I think Brent used more that his share of the game "tokens" and for the record, he was the one I had to drag away from the games when it was time to go.

with the famous Chuck E. Cheese

Rhett LOVES to play these kind of games and the video/driving games. Here he is in action on the skee ball game.
Thad enjoyed some of the rides and games too.

Here's the Birthday Boy with the long awaited "Woody" from Toy Story to go with his Buzz lightyear.. This is all he has talked about the last couple of weeks. I don't think he was disappointed. He has played with it non-stop. Happy Birthday Big Boy!! We LOVE you so much!
It's also a big day for this little sweetie. My niece Margot is turning ONE today! Happy Birthday!!
.....and a Happy Happy Birthday today to my wonderful Dad!!! Yes, this is a big day in our family. Half of my dad's grandchildren were born on HIS birthday!


Jessica said...

Happy Birthday Rhett!!!

Leslie said...

You lasted longer on the homemade birthday cakes than I did and I LOVE to cook.

He looks like he had a really great time on his birthday =o)

Annie said...

Happy Birthday Rhett! I cannot believe he is four-WOW! He looks so big, I sure hope I get to see you sometime this year. Miss you!

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday Rhett!!

Kristen said...

Happy 4th Birthday! I have made all of my girls cakes so far (total 4) and everytime I am in the middle of one...I ask myself why I do it!!! It's so much work! Miss you...and like Annie...I would love to see you sometime this year!!

Janice said...

Happy Birthday little man!

Dawn said...

Happy Birthday to all! Wow, it's convenient to remember dates around your family!