Friday, August 6, 2010

FIRST Friday

Hollace's FIRST day of FIRST grade was today. She was really excited and not nervous at all. She even let me walk her in. I can't wait to hear about her big day.

Check out the poses

We had another first today. I took Thad for his first "professional" wrestling match- Oh, I mean haircut! Fun times! Brent always cuts Rhett's and has trimmed Thad's a couple of times. However, due to Thad's lack of cooperation and his longer, wavy hair- we decided to seek professional help.

Look at this little HAM and his handsome new haircut.
I did win the match by the way. He didn't go down without a fight, but I ALWAYS win.
Well, this is not a first, but this is what Thad was doing while I was trying to snap some pics of his haircut. Anytime anyone in our family has to visit the "facilities" he is close behind, to "observe". He loves to watch and tries to push you off of the potty so he can look inside.
He continually says, like a question: "Poo-poo, Poo-poo?" and looks at you like he's asking if that's what you're up to. Ha-Ha. It's cute, though a little annoying. Rhett was asking "Can't you just carry him out of here?". Poor kid- Can't a guy get a little privacy.


Leslie said...

They sure do grow up fast. Love the haircut story. I ALWAYS win too =o)

Dawn said...

So cute! I can't believer Hollace is in first grade AND that school has already started! The last pic in the previous post of Thad lounging is pretty funny!

Kara said...

Hollace is such a big girl, and so pretty too!

Cole does the same thing Thad does, but he doesn't just inspect, he flushes...sometimes too quickly! Carter takes FOREVER to go, so sometimes you will hear the toilet flush 3-4 times...RIDICULOUS!

PS - glad to know you can still win the battle of wills...I think I am starting to lose a few. Once I have Crosby, I hope to get my energy back up and starting winning more :) Hee hee!

Janice said...

Okay, we finally stopped laughing enough that I can make a comment. A great potty story!
Hope Hollace loved her teacher! Can't wait to hear!