Sunday, June 22, 2014

On the Mulberry River

A few weekends ago we went with two other families on our first canoeing adventure. 
We took on the Mulberry River. 

All the kiddos-

Our friend Ryan is by far the most experienced at canoeing and had the largest canoe so he volunteered to take our boys and his 7 year old with him.
I guess we never got a good picture of them:(

Brent, Hollace, and I were in a canoe together. 
 We stopped along the way and ate lunch, played football and swam.
Hollace and Layne...

 There were so many beautiful views along the way, but I wasn't brave enough to get my phone out for pictures very often.

 Here is the canoe with the 3 little boys. Somewhere along the way they got the idea to tie a rope to Thad and drag him behind them.  He LOVED that and kept yelling "This is AWSOME SAUCE!". Then at one point he yelled "Hurry and paddle faster, this turtle is catching me!"  HA-HA
We did see several fish, turtles, and a few snakes along the way.
We had a great time! I'm sure we'll be doing it again. Brent has since been stalking craigslist for canoes:)

Friday, June 20, 2014

A Few Random Boy Things

One Sunday Rhett noticed that they had replaced the framed pictures of kids that they have in the Children's hallway....
and look who we found!!

Fun with the neighborhood boys!

A couple weeks ago Hollace had a music program for school. Once again I didn't get any good pictures because my flash is broken on my good camera.
The boys had to come a little late because they were finishing up a baseball game. When they came in the ran into these Star Wars characters (who had some part in the program)  in the lobby.
They thought that was pretty awesome!!

The kids both got some pretty great awards at the end of the school year.
Rhett got this trophy for getting 75 AR points.

Hollace also got several awards including the Highest Literacy Grade Award, Highest Science Grade Award, Kid with Character, and a couple others. She actually missed her award ceremony because she was at Church Camp. 
(YES....she had to miss school to go to Summer Church Camp. We were the last ones to get out of school around here and it felt like June 10th would NEVER get here.)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

"The Ever After"

Hollace participated in Drama Club at school this past year. They worked for the last four months on a performance of "The Ever After". It was sort of a spoof on Cinderella and other fairy tales. It was set up as a talk show where the hosts are  interviewing characters, including the Stepsisters from Cinderella, about reconciliations with past enemies.  Hollace was one of the hosts Sally-Lizzy something......(do you recognize the red Sally Jesse Rapheal glasses?)
 She LOVED doing the play and did a great job. 

Nana and Papa came to see her performance.

We were very proud of our little actress!!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Dance, Tennis, and Thunder

Hollace had her Hip Hop dance recital at the end of May. 
We weren't allowed to take pictures during the performance and we were too far away for good ones, anyway, but we got a few in her costume.

I was on a couple of tennis teams this Spring. 
Our 2.5 team actually made it to State! 
(Here we are minus one player who couldn't come.)

We didn't do so well at the tournament, which was not a surprise to us!
It was a successful weekend regardless because we got to go out to some great restaurants and do a little shopping in Little Rock.

Here is the 3.0 team I played on at Mid-Seaon.

We made it to one Thunder game this season. I think this was in April sometime. We sat in the Mercy box seats and had a great time


Monday, June 9, 2014

BIg Boy!!

I cant believe how big this little guy is getting!!

He graduated from Pre School in May
There was a little graduation program where they sang a few songs and presented their diplomas. 
My camera quit working right when we got there:( I only had my phone to take pictures and they are all terrible, like this.....:(

 He was pretty proud of himself in his cap and gown
 There was a little reception afterward where some of his work was on display.

 We let him choose where we ate for dinner after the program and he chose Texas Roadhouse.
 Here's the big boy on his actual last day of preschool, dressed for Fun Day in the water.

In April, we actually registered Thad for KINDERGARTEN!! 
How is this possible??

 He really likes school and all the fun things they do! 
He is so excited to go to school EVERY day next year.

 In April, Thad also lost his FIRST tooth!!

Oh, AND he learned how to ride his bike without training wheels a couple of weeks ago! 
He finally convinced us to take them off and he pretty much had it that day!
SEE.....He's Growing up SOOO fast!!