Sunday, June 22, 2014

On the Mulberry River

A few weekends ago we went with two other families on our first canoeing adventure. 
We took on the Mulberry River. 

All the kiddos-

Our friend Ryan is by far the most experienced at canoeing and had the largest canoe so he volunteered to take our boys and his 7 year old with him.
I guess we never got a good picture of them:(

Brent, Hollace, and I were in a canoe together. 
 We stopped along the way and ate lunch, played football and swam.
Hollace and Layne...

 There were so many beautiful views along the way, but I wasn't brave enough to get my phone out for pictures very often.

 Here is the canoe with the 3 little boys. Somewhere along the way they got the idea to tie a rope to Thad and drag him behind them.  He LOVED that and kept yelling "This is AWSOME SAUCE!". Then at one point he yelled "Hurry and paddle faster, this turtle is catching me!"  HA-HA
We did see several fish, turtles, and a few snakes along the way.
We had a great time! I'm sure we'll be doing it again. Brent has since been stalking craigslist for canoes:)

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Janice said...

Well, I am glad you had fun, but I think I'm glad I didn't know about it till afterwards!