Friday, June 20, 2014

A Few Random Boy Things

One Sunday Rhett noticed that they had replaced the framed pictures of kids that they have in the Children's hallway....
and look who we found!!

Fun with the neighborhood boys!

A couple weeks ago Hollace had a music program for school. Once again I didn't get any good pictures because my flash is broken on my good camera.
The boys had to come a little late because they were finishing up a baseball game. When they came in the ran into these Star Wars characters (who had some part in the program)  in the lobby.
They thought that was pretty awesome!!

The kids both got some pretty great awards at the end of the school year.
Rhett got this trophy for getting 75 AR points.

Hollace also got several awards including the Highest Literacy Grade Award, Highest Science Grade Award, Kid with Character, and a couple others. She actually missed her award ceremony because she was at Church Camp. 
(YES....she had to miss school to go to Summer Church Camp. We were the last ones to get out of school around here and it felt like June 10th would NEVER get here.)

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Janice said...

So busy! Don't know how you keep up with those three!!