Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tidbit Tuesday

Here are a few little tidbits about what's going on around here.

Hollace: Our wonderful neighbors and Hollace's BEST friend moved a couple of weeks ago. The neighborhood just isn't the same without them. Hollace and Tiffany were together SO much and Rhett and John David were great buddies too. We'll even miss Buddy (the one showing Thad some love.) They moved about an hour away to another suburb of Nashville. We already have a meeting planned so they can all see each other.

Rhett: He's just up to his usual orneriness. The other day I sent him upstairs to get on the clothes which I had laid out for him. A little while later I noticed he had actually done it the first time I asked (which is rare), but that he had put on Thad's clothes instead of his own. He hadn't even noticed. Ha!
Thad: Speaking of ornery!......This little guy was busy last night. He often gets out of bed after we put him down and we usually let him fuss and wear himself out a little before we put him back to bed. (We've tried immediately putting him back to bed each time, and this does no good. You might recall one night we put him back to bed 37 times before we quit counting!) So last night he got up and while we were ignoring him, he was busy fixing his hair with the lotion, vaseline, and diaper rash ointment he found in his room. Yes, he had to be thrown in the shower at 11pm.
I think he got some of his hairstyling tips from his Dad.
OH, and this little man with the handsome new DO, is the same one who poured super glue on my hardwood floors and hot chocolate mix in the toilet today!! Did somebody say ornery?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Our Happy HEART Day

I thought I would post a little about our Valentine's Day yesterday.

Hollace had a great time making her Valentines box and Valentines over the weekend.

Rhett was a little less enthused about the project, but he did well and I thought they turned out pretty cute! Hollace's are on the left and Rhett's on the right. The box. Hollace loves to do little creative projects like this.

Of course Hollace had school and the boys and I went to MOPS (Mother's of Preschoolers) at the church. Our meeting just happened to fall on Valentine's Day this year.
I wanted to get a quick picture of my little Valentines before we left, but this is what I ended up with. Apparently it was too sunny on the porch and I didn't get a decent picture, but immediately after I took this one Rhett started a mini tantrum about not wanting to take pictures and the sun hurting his eyes and Thad was bolting for the street. I decided the photo shoot was over.
I did decide to include the pic, because not only do these sweet boys make my heart happy, but so does the SUNSHINE that ruined our photo shoot! We have missed 14-Yes 14!!! days of school already this year due to weather (and we have not had NEAR the snow that you all in the midwest have had. If we got that kind of snow we would be out of school until April!)
2 MOPS meetings have been cancelled this winter and numerous days of Mother's Day Out. I was so happy to be out in the sunshine and going somewhere this day!!!
That evening we went and registered Rhett for his first season of soccer. He is very excited. Then we went to Q'doba to pick up some dinner. We had planned on going here anyway, then a friend told us they were having a buy-one-get-one-free-entree deal. Sweet! We love Q'Doba and LOVE a free meal! The only catch was you had to KISS your sweetie at checkout to get the deal. I informed Hollace in the car that she would have to kiss Rhett on the cheek when we paid. Oh my--that SERIOUSLY stressed the girl out. She was so nervous/embarrassed/grossed out at the thought of kissing her brother in the restaurant. It was really funny. In line she said "Rhett, do you want to practice?" He said "Sure!" and puckered up. She would lean in toward his cheek then throw her mouth over her lips and say "NO, I just can't DO it!". DRAMA!!!
She did finally do it at the check-out line. I may have had to shove her face into Rhett's a little- but hey, a free meal is a free meal-right???
Hope you all had a terrific Valentine's Day with the ones you LOVE!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Flashback Friday

Found this cute pic of Rhett. I believe he was about 3 months old in this picture. I also believe I can see a hint of the orneriness to come in this face!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Birthday Fun and the Birthday Tree

We started a new fun tradition at our house, the "Birthday Tree". It is decorated with cupcakes, stars, hearts and all things birthday. It will go up a week or so before each of the kids' birthdays each year. I hope this will make them feel extra special around their birthday and help build anticipation for the big day. I think it turned out really cute and think it will be lots of fun. I sort of wish I had thought of doing this sooner, so the other two could have had it for all their birthdays. BUT, I actually decided I am glad we started it with Thad. As the poor third child he doesn't have much that's new or get to do much first, so it is sort of special that he got to be the first to have the "Birthday Tree".

He even got to go "help" me find and make some decorations and put them on the tree.
I will use most of the same decorations for Hollace's turn, except I got some different ribbon and a pink crown for the top. I tried to make it not too girly- you know, a unisex tree, but Brent informed me I didn't do a very good job of that, that it has too much pink. I will try to work on that for next time.

It is sort of different on birthdays now that we don't have lots of family here. We didn't really have a big birthday party either. Poor Thad. I don't think he really cared though.
He loved opening his presents and couldn't get his new shoes on fast enough. The boy loves shoes.
More presents..........notice the little helper hands.

We invited a couple of the neighbor kids to come over and have some birthday cupcake.

Thad was loving the icing.

One of the kids got some icing on their nose and everyone laughed, so of course they all had to get icing on their noses.

LOVE this picture of my sweet 2 year old.

This is the box that my mom used to send her gifts. I think they had as much fun with the box as they did with the gifts inside.

They were pretending it was a time machine. The foam paintbrushes clipped on with clothes pins had some special function, though I'm not sure what. I'm also not sure what is going on with Thad's shirt. He does this a lot, for some reason.