Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tidbit Tuesday

Here are a few little tidbits about what's going on around here.

Hollace: Our wonderful neighbors and Hollace's BEST friend moved a couple of weeks ago. The neighborhood just isn't the same without them. Hollace and Tiffany were together SO much and Rhett and John David were great buddies too. We'll even miss Buddy (the one showing Thad some love.) They moved about an hour away to another suburb of Nashville. We already have a meeting planned so they can all see each other.

Rhett: He's just up to his usual orneriness. The other day I sent him upstairs to get on the clothes which I had laid out for him. A little while later I noticed he had actually done it the first time I asked (which is rare), but that he had put on Thad's clothes instead of his own. He hadn't even noticed. Ha!
Thad: Speaking of ornery!......This little guy was busy last night. He often gets out of bed after we put him down and we usually let him fuss and wear himself out a little before we put him back to bed. (We've tried immediately putting him back to bed each time, and this does no good. You might recall one night we put him back to bed 37 times before we quit counting!) So last night he got up and while we were ignoring him, he was busy fixing his hair with the lotion, vaseline, and diaper rash ointment he found in his room. Yes, he had to be thrown in the shower at 11pm.
I think he got some of his hairstyling tips from his Dad.
OH, and this little man with the handsome new DO, is the same one who poured super glue on my hardwood floors and hot chocolate mix in the toilet today!! Did somebody say ornery?


colleen said...

We miss ya'll so much. I hope Saturday works out. We love ya'll.

Janice said...

Great post! I know the kids will really miss their friends! Good neighbors are so wonderful to have. I love the picture of Rhett with Thad's clothes. That is too funny. And the hair do.... well, what can I say?