Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Boy's Day Out

One day in May, when Nana and Papa were here for a visit, the boys went a had a fun day out while the girls were out shopping:)
They went go carting, to the nature center, and the batting cages.
(Papa took some good pictures, but he was behind the camera the whole time so he isn't IN any of the pictures.)

 I guess Brent wanted to see if he still has it.........Looks like he does!:)

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Baseball, Tee Ball, and more Baseball!!

 We finally finished up a long baseball season at the end of June.  I LOVE watching the boys play, but it seemed like it was going on forever! We were still playing two weeks after school FINALLY got out! Both of their teams made it to the post season tournament and with rain- out make up games it just went on and on.
Like I said, I do LOVE watching them play, though. There isn't much cuter to me than these little guys in their little baseball uniforms.
 I LOVE this picture of Thad ready to run on first with Brent standing by as first base coach.
 Here's Rhett's team just after their last season game, which guaranteed them a place in the tournament. They were pretty excited.
 Thad's team excited after a win...
 They still found a little time between games or during brother's game to play on the play ground.

 One of Thad's favorite things to do was find an empty field and run the bases and practice his sliding.

 Rhett's team ended up third in the season and third in the tournament.

 Thad's team got third in the regular season and Runner Up in the tournament.

Baseball Brothers.....

My three handsome boys.

 For some reason I did a terrible job of getting  good video of Rhett at bat. He actually usually hits really well and for some reason the few times I decided to video, he wouldn't have a great at bat.  Several times the boys had games at the same time so I was running back and forth and never was in a good place to video.

Here's Rhett practicing in the batting cages.
Here he is with a really good hit that I pretty much missed, but you can see him running to first. He's really fast when he want's to be.

Here is Thad doing what he does best....sliding. It's really pretty impressive. He is the only one on his team who would slide. He slid into home every time, regardless of if he needed to or not...and he was pretty good at it!


Thad at bat. 

*The boys both decided they wanted to play fall baseball instead of football (Rhett) and soccer (Thad). That means they had a little less than a month from the time Spring baseball ended and Fall baseball tryouts/ practices started. The good news is that there are fewer players in this fall league so they combine more ages. This means that the boys get to be on the same team! We are excited about that!!

Friday, July 25, 2014

OK Visit for the 4th

We made the trip to NW OK for the 4th of July. 
We went to the festivities at the Mooreland park that I think the kids have been to every year. They love it!
I didn't take many pictures, but here are the few I did get. I think my Dad took some so maybe I'll get him to send them then add them later.

Hollace getting ready for the bike race.
 Just for she is in 2008 in the bike race!

Here are the kids and Gunnar posing with their turtles just before the turtle races.

 The boys

Later that day, Brent drove the kids to the pool in Papa's pickup. They were so excited to ride in the back!
 Uncle Scott with all the kids...

I also came across this picture of Hollace and Rhett and the annual Mooreland festivities in 2008. 
A lot has changed in 6 years!