Friday, July 30, 2010

18 Months

Wednesday, this sweet little guy was 18 months old. I can't believe it- a toddler now, really not a baby anymore. It is bittersweet.

Here is a little of what Thaddy is like at 18 months:
  • Busy, Busy, Busy-though he's only been walking about 2 months, he is all over the place. He loves to climb: up the stairs, onto the bar stools, and tables-everywhere.
  • Our pickiest eater by far. Some days he won't eat anything. When he will eat, it's carbohydrates: bread, crackers, pasta, fruit, sweets. We are working on this, but you can't make a toddler eat.
  • Weight: 28 lb. (about 50th percentile) , Height: 32" (about 70th percentile). Wears mostly 18-24 months.
  • Has the most hair, by far, of the kiddos at this age. The other day at the pool someone said he already looked like a little fraternity boy with his long blond wavy hair. How funny! Really I am surprised at his hair. Mine was about that color at that age, but I figured I would have dark headed little boys, like Brent.
  • Loves his brother and sister and wants to be doing whatever they are doing.
  • Is pretty tough and stands his ground with his sometimes too rough big brother.
  • LOVES to be outside. Loves to push his riding toys around, up and down the sidewalk (with the occasional attempt to sneak into the street).
  • Not saying much. He doesn't seem to be saying as much as the other two at this age. He basically says "poo-poo", "Ma-Ma" (for "Mom" and for "more"), and "DUH". Just about everything else is "Duh" as he points at it. He has said other things a few times, but this is his regular vocabulary. We are working on this too.
  • Knows how to open the safety gate at the stairs, and helps himself up and down the stairs all the time.
  • Sleeps really well: usually about 12 hours at night and a 1-3 hour nap during the afternoon.
  • Still NOT fun to take to a restaurant. We went to Red Robin a couple of weeks ago, because we needed a reminder of why we don't eat at restaurants I guess. It was a good reminder!
Here are some pics I took at the pool the other day. He likes the pool, but some days he won't stay in the water and wanders around, usually ending up at the entrance gate trying to get out or playing at the water fountain.
So fascinating!
Love this sweet face!

Occasionally he brings floaties to me while we're in the house and wants to just wear them around for awhile. So funny.
We LOVE you sweet Thaddy Bear !!!


Janice said...

Sweet little growing-up boy. Love that little guy!

Annie said...

He is so precious!! You have to be wrong about his weight. Ruby is huge, bigger than Thad and she is 25 pounds and so is Brock. Seriously, how can that kid weigh 32 pounds, he looks pretty skinny. Miss you guys!

Hilary said...

Annie, you are right. I got the height and weight reversed. Ha. That would be one short stocky baby! But that still makes him weigh more than Ruby and Brock. Maybe he's taller? He's not really skinny, but not a chubby baby.

Dawn said...

What cute pictures! I love your new header!

Ashley said...

I think he looks so much like Hollace!