Saturday, November 1, 2008

Unexpected Halloween News!!

I figured I would be posting Halloween costume/ Kid Fest pictures today, but I have something more exciting and unexpected to share. Brent's sister, Juana, and her husband Colby had their baby yesterday-on Halloween. She wasn't due until Nov. 18th, so we were a little surprised, but very excited. She did great, but ended up having a c-section yesterday late afternoon. The baby was just not coming down like he should to deliver. I actually got to go in with her, since I have connections, so that was really neat. The baby, who has yet to be named, weighed 6 lbs., 2 oz. and was18 and something inches long. He and Mommy are doing great. We had to leave the hospital, while Juana was still in the recovery room and Baby Tackett was still in the nursery, to go get ready for KidFest. Brent had to be there early because he played Jesus in one of the skits, but that is another post. We went back to the hospital afterwards so the we could check on Aunt Juana and the baby- my kids' first cousin and my first nephew! I'll post actual Halloween pics and more of the new baby later.
Isn't he just adorable??

The proud new Daddy and cousins!

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Mandy said...

He is a cute newborn. Congratulations to the new parents!