Sunday, February 28, 2010

"Shake, Rattle, and Roll"

Last night our church hosted a Daddy/Daughter banquet at the country club. This year the theme was "The Fabulous 50s". They took pictures (like prom), had dinner, danced (yes, we are Baptist), and played games. They had a hula-hoop contest, which I'm sure would have been entertaining during the Daddy category. Hollace had a GREAT time and looked SO cute. My mom made her poodle skirt. It really turned out great!

Here is the couple before they left. Brent said he didn't have the "right kind of jeans to roll up", so he went with business casual 50's style. He did try to slick his hair back, but I guess it really wasn't long enough. I guess some of the guys had worn old letter jackets. He said he didn't even think about doing that, but it was probably best so he didn't make the other guys feel bad with all his patches. Whatever!.....Ha Ha

Here's a close up of the poodle skirt. So cute-THANK YOU NANA! I think we may have to wear this for Halloween to get some more use out of it-too cute to just wear once.

Nana even made a matching outfit for Hollace's doll-she LOVED it!


Janice said...

Cutest little 50's girl I've ever seen!

Leslie said...

That's so sweet!

Dawn said...

That's too cute. She will have fun dressing up in that!

Kristen said...

What a cutie! I love Brent's comment about the true Brent, so true!!

Anonymous said...

I bet they were the prettiest ones there! I loved Brent's comment too! That's my boy! Skirt - too cute! great job! love grammy