Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween 2012

Our 20's Flapper Girl, Soldier, and Policeman had a great Halloween! None of them got to have school parties this year, so they just got to wear their costumes for the evening, for neighborhood Trick-or-Treating.

Are they cute or WHAT???

Thad was a policeman. 
Rhett wore this costume a couple of years ago and I thought it was too cute to not use again. 
Thad loved the idea of being a policeman so it worked out well!
(Click HERE to see Rhett as the policeman in 2010.)

Rhett was an Army guy/ Solider/ Commando guy. He really got into the part with his serious facial expressions for the pictures.

 Hollace was a Flapper. My mom actually made this dress for me one Halloween around 25 years ago! 

More of the CUTENESS:

(Thad sitting down on the sidewalk after the very first house to eat his "treat")

I got many more pictures of Hollace than the boys. She was posing for me while the boys were running from me and whining about taking the pictures.

The kids with some of their neighborhood buddies.

The kids had been begging me to get a costume for Ginger. I was not excited about spending money on a ridiculous dog costume that I knew she would chew up and ruin within 10 minutes.  Well, the kids lucked out when I went into PetSmart for dog food and saw this cheesy, festive, dog tutu on clearance for $2.00. I don't think the dog was very impressed with my bargain, but it made the kids happy for 2 bucks.


Anonymous said...

Too cute! Great flapper girl, hat turned out cute with it. I'd let the boys protect me anytime with those great costumes. Ginger, you looked cute too, good job, mom. Love, grammy

Larry said...

To answer your question, yes they are exceptionally cute! How could there be any other answer?

Janice said...

Cutest trick-or-treaters I've seen in a long time!