Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Our Little SHY Guy?

The same day as The Polar Express at Rhett's school, Thad had his Christmas Program at his preschool.  
He had been talking about his "program" for a while. He talked about it, telling me where he practiced, what teachers were helping, etc. I couldn't get him to sing any of the songs for me, but he did tell me that he was "not going to sing the Spanish song, because it's ugly!"

I was really a little nervous about his program. I thought it was a real possibility that he might sit down and cover his face or hide or just refuse to stand on the stage. He acts so shy in public and around strangers. Anytime a stranger talks to him, he immediately hides behind me and won't even look at them. You would never guess that he's really quite loud, verbal, and really anything but shy at home.

I barely caught this picture, but I did not have high hopes when they came in the back of the auditorium, and he walked down the aisle like this, and wouldn't take his eyes off the floor.

He did such a good job and was so cute standing up there.  He actually stood there like he was suppose to the whole time and sang some of the words.

When he would look out and see us he would smile and look down and look so embarrassed.

Oh and when the Spanish song, "Feliz Navidad", he actually sang that too. Even though he tells me it's "Feliz Naughty-da".

We were really proud of him and I think he was proud of himself too. He was really proud of his tie "like Daddies".


Anonymous said...

What cute pictures! thanks for sharing. love grammy

Janice said...

How very cute! He sure likes dressing like his daddy, doesn't he?