Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tidbit Tuesday

Here's a few tidbits about what our bunch has been up to lately.

Hollace: Sunday on the way to church she said the funniest thing. Brent, Hollace, and I were having a conversation about something. I don't remember what. Rhett interjected some comment that had nothing to do with what we were talking about, probably cars or trucks or something. Hollace quickly said, "Rhett, we are not even talking about cars right now. You need to speak with good purpose." Ha! I think her teacher must say that at school.

Rhett: He said the CUTEST thing to me while we were unloading groceries the other day. He loves to help unload and was SOOO excited when he came across some cans of Chef Boyaredee in the sacks. He said "Oh mom, thank you for getting these. I am so happy about you, I could eat you up!" I could have eaten him up!

He has also asked some good questions in the last couple of days. Yesterday he asked me, "Why do you think God wants us to have sticks in our mulch?" hmmmm..... I was sort of at a loss on this one. This morning, while I was "wiping his bottom" he very seriously asked, "What is that, that I smell? It really stinks." hmmmm.....I wonder. I did have an answer for this one. Thad: He has just been up to his usual. In the past 24 hours he I have found him:

1. scooping water out of the toilet with a cup from the dishwasher and yes..........drinking it.
2.carrying around an open bottle of salad dressing (the olive oil and vinegar kind that makes nice greasy spots on everything) leaving little puddles all over the floor and other things.
and 3. last, but not the least dangerous to his health: licking his fingers, which I discovered after some investigation, had been into the plate of raw chicken on the counter.

(I really do supervise him (usually). I think all these things happened while I was trying to cook or get some meal ready.....or blogging......I better go see what he's doing.)


Samantha said...

all cute, but i remember the "thad things" very vividly with palmer. why do babies ALWAYS get into the worst things? love your tidbits!

Kara said...

Cole and Thad sound like quite a match! Cole is a BIG TIME Momma's boy, so if I do sneak away to go to the bathroom, he finds something to get into!

Love hearing about all your kids! Miss you guys!

DottiesDoodles said...
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DottiesDoodles said...

Sounds like there is never a dull moment in your home. Oh, the joys of a young family. Yes, somedays I miss all the "funny" happenings, but basicly, I'm happy to observe from the sidelines. God has blessed you all with sparkling moments that will make for wonderful memories. Thanks for sharing Hilary. Miss you all and hope that you have a wonderful Wednesday. Hugs!

Dawn said...

I have to read your posts and laugh! Thad will probably be healthy since he seems to give his immune system a workout! And you probably need Hollace at home more to boss him around! And Rhett's comment about the stink!!! haha!

Janice said...

Funny, funny kids! Can't wait till next week!!