Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Hollace

My girl is 6 today!! I feel like we've been celebrating for a week already. At Disney World, they make a big deal out of birthdays. If it's your birthday (or even close to it) they somehow know at all the restaurants and they bring you a cupcake and sometimes sing to you. I can only imagine how many cupcakes the girl ate over the course of a week. Ucckk! She ate at least some of ALL of them, and they came AFTER we had dessert!-every time we ate at a restaurant!

Tonight she gets to have a friend stay the night and she gets to pick where we have dinner. She chose, what else, but McDonalds. I asked her why she wanted McD's and she said "their cheeseburgers....MMmmmm!" Whatever! We will have her party on Saturday so by then we will have basically been celebrating her b-day for 10 days!
Here she is at one restaurant where they made her stand up while we all sang to her.

Here she is enjoying yet another cupcake.

And here are some of my favorites that we took with Shannon ( I just LOVE them.

Happy Birthday sweet Hollace. I am so lucky to have you as my daughter. You are so sweet, smart, independent and funny. I look forward to so many more wonderful years as your mom!


Flores Hayes said...

Happy Birthday to Hollace!!!
Flor (

Leslie said...

Love that last photo, looks like she's daydreaming. =o)

Kristen said...

Happy Birthday Hollace! Can't believe she's already 6...she sure looks old in those pictures. She is such a beautiful girl!!

Annie said...

Happy Birthday Hollace!!! These last six years have gone by so fast. She is beautiful, I love ALL of her pics!!!! Hope you have a great birthday party!

Janice said...

Happy Birthday to my sweet, precious granddaughter. I love you so much!

Dawn said...

Happy Birthday on another day! Pretty girl, precious pictures! And there's never too many birthday cupcakes!

Hutton Family said...

She is such a beautiful girl. Love all your photos!!!!