Friday, October 23, 2009

Disney: Part 1

Our first day we had breakfast at Chef Mickey's. The only time available when I called (3 months ago) was 6:45am!!! We had to get up so early to get around and get to the restaurant, but it was worth it. The character meals are a GREAT way to meet lots of characters without having to spend lots of time waiting in line at the parks.

This is when we first arrived. Look at Rhett's face as he first saw some of the characters!

With Goofy:

Hollace getting Minnie's autograph and giving her pictures she had drawn for her.

More autographs:
and Mickey, of course:
Here we are with Donald. He was always one of my favorites. Look at Hollace's face.

Well, this was the first 2 hours of our 5 day trip. Needless to say there's much more to come!!!


Janice said...

Breakfast at Mickey's: $45.00.
Rhett's face: Priceless!

Leslie said...

That first photo is too cute!

Annie said...

Disney is pretty much the greatest place on earth! I love experiencing it through our children. Can't wait to see more pics!