Wednesday, March 4, 2009


We lost a dear friend this week. Betty Kelting was Bev's mother. Bev, most of you know, is a LONG time dear friend of Brent's family. She really is just like part of his family, so her mother was part of the family too. She often celebrated Thanksgiving, Christmas, and birthday parties with us. She was such a sweet, kind, Christian woman who will be missed by many. Her funeral service will be tomorrow. We wish we could be there, but our thoughts and prayers will be there with Bev.
This pic is blurry, but here is Betty with Rhett.

This was Thanksgiving a couple of years ago. Yes, we are all wearing hats. Somehow, Hollace talked us into all trying on Terri's hat collection. Betty is in the back on the left.

We will miss you Betty!

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