Wednesday, April 25, 2012


We thought the day would never get here. The day that Thad could FINALLY start playing t-ball. Since he first heard the talk about Rhett playing many weeks ago, that was ALL he could talk about. We decided to sign him up to play with the YMCA since he was old enough. Rhett didn't play at this age and never really acted interested, but Thad is a different story. The sign up was weeks before we ever heard from his coach, which was weeks before he started practice. The time between sign up and waiting for his coach to call with the details of his team was almost painful.  Day after day Thad asked me "when do I play t-ball?", "when is my game?", "where is my team?", "where is my coach?", "where is my coach's car?" (really), "what color is my team?", "do I have a t-ball hat?" I could go on and on.

When shopping for Rhett's team belt and socks, etc. Thad decided he needed a "baseball belt". He slept in it and wore it to pre-school many days.

Then he discovered the existence of baseball gloves.  Of course our choices were to buy him some or hear about it hourly for who knows how long. Again, he slept in them and wore them to school.......and we continued to wait for his season to start.
 FINALLY.........his coach called and his season started. Here is the little fanatic at his first practice.

Then his first game 2 weekends ago. 

It didn't take long for him to realize he was not fully equipped without baseball cleats. Don't worry, a trip to the thrift store for a $3 pair and he's happy once again.


Anonymous said...

Darling little fanatic! Heard about the gloves, I love them. He looks like a real baseball player. Thanks for the post. love, grammy

Janice said...

Love this little T-ball player!!!