Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tidbit Tuesday

Hollace: So I am a big coupon cutter/user. The other day Hollace came home from school and said she had something for me in her bag. She dug out the bar code she had cut off her Goldfish sack from her snack at school, and said "I found this coupon for you". Aaahh, a girl after my own heart. I thought it was sweet- NOT a coupon, but sweet!

Rhett: Lately, when getting in trouble, Rhett will often ask "Are you a little bit mad or are you SO, SO mad?" I'm not sure what difference this makes to him, but he always wants an answer.

Thad: Just today he said his first word: MAMA! Ok, so he was just babling, but I promise the two syllable MA-MA came out and I'm counting it, because the other two said Dada first.


Kristen said...

Hollace- How sweet is she?
Thad- I would so count that! Layne said dada first too, so I am determined that Lyla says mama first...we'll see!

Anonymous said...

Ahh - how sweet - hollace watches her mom - what a good roll model you are for her. what - rhett gets in trouble - can't believe that - what a cutie!! I bet "fatty" did say mama. Love the pictures and go OU!

love grammy

Dawn said...

So I'm guessing that you have said "I'm so so mad" before! Cute stories! And of course he said mama!

Leslie said...

That's funny, both of mine said Dada first too - wonder what the stats are on that.

Janice said...

I want to hear Thaddy say mama! Miss you all so much!