Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cruisin' in the Cozy Coupe

The boys love to play with this little "Cozy Coupe" car. It was something my mom had saved. I think it was actually my sister's-so it's probably 25 years old. They had a great time taking turns driving and pushing.
(***UPDATE: I have been corrected by my mother who says Sydnie's coupe is in her shed, and this one is one that Grammy Terri found at a garage sale. I thought that one was at her house. Anyway, funny that you could go buy one of these today and it would be almost identical to one from 25 years ago. Not too many things like that anymore)

This was a couple of weeks ago. We finally had a little warmer weather, but it's cool and rainy again now. I am so ready for spring weather. All three kids just LOVE to be outside. Thad bolts for the door every time he hears it open. He is still not walking, so I see many worn out knees of pants coming when we get to be outside more.

Here are some pics of the boys enjoying the car and the weather.

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Dawn said...

I always wanted a cozy coupe for my girls but we were always too poor. Waaaa! I'm glad your kids have such fun with a hand me down!