Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tidbit Tuesday

Hollace: Just thought I would post these pictures of Missy on Hat Day at school a while back. Her Aunt Juana made her this hat and Grammy bought her this outfit when she was here. She was so exited to wear it all. I wanted to take a couple of pics before she left for school. This is the poses I got, without any encouragement..........

Rhett: He says the funniest things. I just wish I could remember it all or could always write it down immediately. The other day he and Thad were sitting at the table eating breakfast and I heard Thad sneeze and I guess he blew a little of his food from his mouth out onto Rhett. Rhett said, "Eewww!!.....Mom, Thad just bless-you'd his food on me!!"

Thad: He is talking so much now. It seems like one week (I think it was in October) he just started trying to say everything. About that time he had an owie (however you spell that) on his knee. He would point to it and say "knee, knee" and we would say "yes, that's right. That's your knee!". Now he calls injuries of any kind, anywhere- knees! It is so funny. He will fall and bump his head and immediately point to it and say "knee, knee!". So cute!
We saw Santa for the first time on Saturday. He was at the clubhouse at our neighborhood. It was so convenient. No lines, no crowded shopping mall or store, no drive across town for a 2 minute visit....that is my kind of Santa.


Janice said...

Cute! Cute! Cute! Are Hollace's boots new, too? She looks so grown up. Thad doesn't look too sure about Santa Clause, but not bad. I'm sure it helped that his brother and sister were also sitting on his owie...I mean his knee.
Okay, what Rhett said is one of the funniest things I've heard in awhile! It rates right up there with him putting the cd player outside his bedroom door!

Janice said...

PS Your new blog look is great.

The Garvie Family said...

I love your Tidbit Tuesdays! I really enjoy Hollace's modeling...she is such a pro.