Friday, January 28, 2011

My BABY is TWO!!

Two years ago today, our sweet Thad was born. I can't believe my BABY is two. We are so thankful that our family was blessed with this precious little guy. He really completes our family.
Here he was a 3 months. At this point, he was a REALLY difficult baby. You wouldn't know it by this sweet little innocent face, but he was my hardest baby by far!
at 6 months:
at one year:
and now...........our little man is growing up so fast.

Here are a few little things about Thaddy at two years old.......
* He is busy, busy, busy- constantly breaking, spilling, or ruining (...I mean playing with, exploring, or discovering) something.
*LOVES to play with his big "sissy" and "bu-bu".
*Talking a lot and tries to say so much. I do think the other two were talking more at this point though.
*Still LOVES his binky! AKA his "bee-bee".
*Loves to play in the toilet and flush things, anything- Barbies, cars, and the aforementioned "bee-bee" down the toilet.
*LOVES to play outside and just wants to be doing whatever the older kids are doing.
*Still a pretty big boy. He weighs about 30 pounds and is 35 inches tall.
*Is a snuggler- more so than the other two. He likes to get his binky, and a blankie and come snuggle in my lap, thought usually just for a minute until he thinks of something else to get into.
*Is a pretty good eater, and will usually eat what ever we are eating. For some reason he loves to sit on Brent's lap at dinner. It is any annoying habit, but I'm just glad it's not my lap.
*He really is more of a Daddy's boy than the other two were. He always asks "where Daddy?"
*Is so sweet and loving. Gives lots of hugs and kisses. Out of the blue he will tell me, "Love you"- just melts my heart!


Annie said...

Happy Birthday sweet Thad! These last two years have flown by!

Janice said...

Happy Birthday sweet Thad! Two years have gone by fast, but on the other hand, can't remember life without you! We love you!!

The Garvie Family said...

Happy Birthday Thad!! Two years have flown by!

DottiesDoodles said...

Happy Birthday Thad. Those beautiful eyes just melt me. <3